i went 2 dentist
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Would you tell Picasso to sell one of his guitars?

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xander Sep 14 @ 12:04am 
The Guy is Barbecuing Hot Dogs and he is Cooking Hot Dogs on the Barbecue and He is Putting the Barbecue Sauce on the Hot Dogs and He is Preparing Hot Dog Buns and the Hot Dogs are Ready and They Said I want you to Eat 100 Hot Dogs at Once Eat them all Right Now then he started to eat 100 Hot dogs and he kept on Eating Hot Dogs until his Stomach got Upset then they Said That's Too Bad Eat 20 More Hot Dogs and he kept on Eating Hot Dogs and he is nearly going to Fall Down and they Said Stand Up and He Finally eat 100 Hot Dogs.
dezi Aug 3 @ 6:52pm 
maybe u can tyrannosaurus flex ur tyrannosaurus pecks and we can have some tyrannosaurus sex? :)
xander Jul 9 @ 2:03am 
7:01 PM - sneaky pete ,':^): do u want to right a religious anime fiction novel about the birth of christ our lord and saviour
7:01 PM - sneaky pete ,':^): we can call it "
7:02 PM - sneaky pete ,':^): "away in a manga"
7:02 PM - ~r34 xander: god fucking dammit
conductus Jul 7 @ 4:35am 
9:30 PM - conductus: ИФЯШТПФ СЩЬКФВУ
9:30 PM - conductus: дшееду ишеср
9:30 PM - conductus: ш рфеу нщг
9:31 PM - conductus: sry had my kb on cyrillic wats u[
9:31 PM - conductus: up
9:31 PM - sneaky pete ,':^): https://puu.sh/wDLCv/ab4e9a021b.png
9:32 PM - conductus: he he he
9:32 PM - conductus: did u mean BAZINGA COMRADE?
9:32 PM - conductus: google with the omnipresence
9:32 PM - sneaky pete ,':^): ИФЯШТПФ СЩЬКФВУ
9:33 PM - sneaky pete ,':^): the 2nd word i thought said cuckboy
9:33 PM - conductus: pretty close
9:33 PM - sneaky pete ,':^): bazinga cuckboy
9:33 PM - conductus: but it means SSChKFWU
9:33 PM - conductus: idiot
9:33 PM - sneaky pete ,':^): bZZINGA
9:33 PM - sneaky pete ,':^) is now Offline.
dezi Jun 25 @ 10:51pm 
my hemispheres are so out of sync dude im in hell