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Igras WorkingOnSaxxy™ May 20 @ 9:38am 
Roses are red
Violets are blu
Im just here new
Fanic May 20 @ 9:37am 
stfu dude i got a 57
TiMan May 20 @ 9:13am 
________████████________████████ Give
_____███________███__███_______███ This
____███___KYS____████___39 ____███ Heart
___███____KYS_____██_____39 ___███ To
___███____KYS_____________39 ____███ Everyone
___███____KYS_____________39____███ You
____███___________________________███ Think
_____███from your friend brothahood _███ Is
______███_______________________███ Suck
________███___________________███ at
__________███_______________███ Math
____________███___________███ And
_______________███______███ Gets
_________________████████ 39
Balt May 18 @ 2:35pm 
I don't know why but I absolutely loathe you.
Igras WorkingOnSaxxy™ May 17 @ 10:18am 
added for co-op to saxxy awards 2017
Gay Bowser May 8 @ 9:11pm 
Why is six afraid of seven?

Six hasn't been the same since he left Vietnam. Every time he closes his eyes, he's sees Charlie hiding in the darkness of the forest. Not that you could ever see those bastards, mind you. They were fast and they knew their way around the jungle. He remembers the looks on the boy's faces when they walked into that village and... oh Jesus. He shouldn't think about that now. Sometimes he still hears Tex's slow southern drawl. He remembers the smell of Brooklyn's cigarettes. He always had a pack of Luckys. But the boys are gone now... he knows that. It's--it's just that he forgets sometimes. And sometimes the way that seven looks at him... it makes him think. Sets him on edge. And he feels like he's back there... In the jungle... In the darkness.