spooky   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
SOME INFO ABOUT ME (Gonna remove once i get to level 10)

If it says (Recording) in my name don't message, unless im recordin with you
Discord Username: PotatoMan


Best friend on MSPARP: Albrus

Personality - INFP-T (

Strife Specubus: Bladekind

Fandoms: Pokemon, Homestuck, Monsterkind and Undertale

Homestuck strife music:

Favourite Pokemon: Articuno

Favourite Pokemon Type: Water, Ice and Flying

Favourite Homestuck character: Mituna

I like to RP sometimes

Online - asleep, afk, or actually on

Away - Sometimes

Busy - Never

Looking to play - Never

Looking to trade - Wanting Trading Cards

Offline - No internet, restarting laptop or connection failure
Currently Online

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last played on Mar 30
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last played on Mar 28
Aradia Mar 14 @ 12:41am 
Trico Mar 11 @ 9:20am 
I see
Dr. Scratch Mar 11 @ 9:20am 
they do all of the time, i mean, just look at LeafyIsHere
Trico Mar 11 @ 9:19am 
I didn't know 12 year olds could play CS:GO
Dr. Scratch Mar 11 @ 9:19am 
>how about you go kill yourself
>has csgo cancer site in name
Trico Mar 11 @ 9:18am 
no thanks