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So you want to know more about me? I'm a fifteen year old faggot that wants to kill myself, I'm a racist, sadistic, satanist nazi, If you're reading this its for one of two reasons, I've made you mad and you're reading my profile to find something against me, or you're here to complain about how shit at csgo i am. I'm emotionally dead and pretty fucking pathetic, I hate myself as much as I hate Furries, If I've pissed you off, what are you doing with your life? getting mad that a 15 year old long hair prick made fun of you during game, re-think your life mate, honestly.
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All men are sexist mysoginistic women hating pigs.
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mooters Sep 8 @ 3:45pm 
It's COOL to be gay!
Post this on the wall of a homosexual friend and tell them how COOL they are
mahoooooo Sep 3 @ 8:47am 
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bob Aug 31 @ 8:28pm 
Signed by ToXiC HeRpEs
BlehMehAndEh Aug 30 @ 3:14pm 
SubR Aug 29 @ 8:56pm 
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LastStax Aug 29 @ 8:51pm 
I don't have anything clever to say.