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Dan: use a shotgun
Dan: not a reserve
Marketplace.tf/Shop/Exuberant1 : why ?
Dan: cause it
Dan: it's*
Dan: cancer
Dan: and it shows you're shit at the game
Dan: it's a crutch, basically
Marketplace.tf/Shop/Exuberant1 : so ?
Marketplace.tf/Shop/Exuberant1 : i care about having fun
Marketplace.tf/Shop/Exuberant1 : thats all that matters.
Dan: while making others mad
Marketplace.tf/Shop/Exuberant1 : if a game makes you go mad , you have a pretty sad life.

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Broken wings 11 hours ago 
أسأل الله لكم فى شهر رمضان
   حسنات تتكاثر وذنوب تتناثر
        وهموم تتطاير
      وأن يجعل بسمتكم سعادة
وصمتكم عبادة وخاتمتكم شهادة
    ورزقكم فى زيادة
             وبكل زخة مطر
  وبعدد من حج واعتمر
أدعو الله أن يتقبل صالح العمل
Nukulisk | hellcase.com 16 hours ago 
added for item overpay
Krλex 18 hours ago 
Added to discuss trade
K-pote May 23 @ 1:57pm 
Hello here to trade i got an offer :3
Added for Item Overpay for unusual brain warming wear circling peace sign, i came from trump bot.
★GT★ May 20 @ 8:03pm 
+rep reminded me of something for trading