someones had their weetabix
17:43 - Alexander Fairfax: or your an idiot   Scottish Borders, The, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Can merc: Heavy/Engie/Pyro Prem, Sniper top Mid, Soldier/Demo Mid, everything else low Mid. As for 6s, can merc low mid roamer or top mid flex :)

"You possess knowledge of cheats, therefore you cheat" - Autist 2016 []

one of my favourite pyro mains []

For the few who actually care:

CPU: AMD FX-6300 @3.8GHz
RAM: 8GB HyperX Fury @2133MHz
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P
GPU: MSI GTX 960 @1160MHz

Mouse: Razer DeathAdder 2013
Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow 2013 Expert
Headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M20x
Mic: Zalman Clip-on
Monitor: BenQ GL2250HM @60Hz (puke) overclocked to 75Hz
2000 DPI, sens 0.75 on Sniper, 1 on everything else, m_rawinput 1 (27.7cm/360 on Sniper, 20.8cm/360 on everything else) [Updated 14/05/17]
TF2 is ran with comanglia's maxframes + m0re's high fps config with diminished explosions and custom LOD bias along with mat_filtertextures and mat_filterlightmaps both set to 0 for Minecraft mode.

Pyro idol list: gost, Steve, Dindu, Satan

Obli (back 17th june) : didnt you get vaccd cos you hackled on a pub alt??
Obli (back 17th june) : hey extra how's your autism going
vac : do I know you obli
vac : no teams on ugc or etf2l
vac : no friends in common
Obli (back 17th june) : why are you looking me up boi
vac : because I have no idea who the fuck you are
Obli (back 17th june) : you dont need to
vac : who hacked on an alt anyways?
Obli (back 17th june) : you
vac : lol?
Obli (back 17th june) : 2fort server
vac : I can give you all my alts
Obli (back 17th june) : spawncamped as heavy with hacks
Obli (back 17th june) : bitch please i was there
vac : none are VAC'd
Obli (back 17th june) : did you also hack with global
vac : no, but global got VAC'd
vac : prolly cause he cheated l m a o
vac : but mate, feel free to add me
vac : I've got like 5 alts off the top of my head
vac : they're all clean rofl
*DEAD* Obli (back 17th june) : why would i add people like you
vac : ?
Obli (back 17th june) : it's character more than anything that is repulsing
vac : Elaborate.
Obli (back 17th june) : you act like a bitch to everyone you know
Obli (back 17th june) : you think that all of your actions are justified yet people will justify it with your autism
vac : lol?
vac : idek u like wtf
vac : have you even seen etf2l recently
Obli (back 17th june) : alex fairfax already did the same
vac : ???
vac : what did fairfax do?
vac : No really, what did Fairfax do lol
vac : what did fairfax do obli lol
vac : I honestly don't remember
Obli (back 17th june) left the game (Disconnect by user.)

☆nebbii: so when are you moving to usa to blow trump

nigel farage killed Pum with ambassador. (crit)
Shirayuki #Carpal Tunnel killed Pum with ambassador. (crit)
Pum : god these spies are so fcking obnoxious

nigel farage killed GIGA ᵔᴥᵔ with ambassador. (crit)
GIGA ᵔᴥᵔ : f2p can headshot nice
GIGA ᵔᴥᵔ : and i thougt lmaobox was detected
Shirayuki #Carpal Tunnel : He is, we're getting VAC bans on our 4500 and 6500 hour accounts :d
GIGA ᵔᴥᵔ : prem players are getting vac
GIGA ᵔᴥᵔ : so stfu
Shirayuki #Carpal Tunnel : no lol

isti LF engie: HOLY
isti LF engie: FUCKING
isti LF engie: TURN THEM OFF
isti LF engie: FOR 2 YEARS
isti LF engie: NOBODY
isti LF engie: FUCKING
isti LF engie: HITS THAT

will set nickname later : nice turn script extrasolar, you really main heavy? :D

git gud
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yes I am the real extrasolar []

How to kill the medic #6 (RIP STEAK, TOO GOOD IN HL)

23:32 - Sco[RR]ch: go backl to school

22:40 - officer Shuffles: can i get that copypasta about wanking on birds

Magikarp : alright I gotta ask
Magikarp : cinderally
Magikarp : your fucking aim with l'etranger
Magikarp : damn

(TEAM) patheticfaguk : fuck it ill go spy
(TEAM) patheticfaguk : do you r job 4 u
(TEAM) patheticfaguk : it on cinderalla the fucking sentry is more important you arsehole

Popkern: are you a pedophile?

Dindu : solar can you just accept the fact that youre not a good heavy and stop your autism pls

Aadan.abuukar2005 : extrasolar is the most cancerous, toxic brit in the entire league
Aadan.abuukar2005 : and scrambled is his butt buddy who is just as toxic

22:39 - evacuate the dance floor:

President Donald Trump : gg
Liko : gigi
Celreo : epic win
aFlowy ! : You guys are shits
aFlowy ! left the game (Disconnect by user.)

00:40 - bees: You're the most stereotypical heavy main lmfao

(⌐■_■) yak: did u know turkish girls r hot

19:03 – Brian: do you like not get any sleep or something wtf
19:03 – Brian: you’re like always up at 7 playing tf2 and still are

Gorzum: dude please don't pick extrasolar as a sniper merc, I have footage of him hacking as sniper
Gorzum: this guy is cancer
Gorzum: not kidding this guy doesn't deserve to be amerc

"revolver is essentially a small minigun" - scrambled 2016

Mikoto Urabe: So you're going hunting for child porn on Facebook

cheater killed Breeze with tomislav.
Breeze : haha someone has wallhack :)
cheater : no lol
cheater killed Breeze with tomislav.
cheater : predicted w/ ease
Breeze : he is so happy with his hacks :))

Tercio : meet me in high
Tercio : oh well
Tercio : you're not goin there
Tercio : you toxic kiddo
Tercio left the game (Disconnect by user.)

uchiha joel: wow psyframes is such a braindead play style lol

Cyrus Daemon: watch as your pathetic deck does nothing
Cyrus Daemon admitted defeat

*DEAD* Moonism : polise chief wiggum
Moonism : is gay
Moonism left the game (Disconnect by user.)

scrambled_tf: credit to extrasolar for mentoring me on fists heavy

cherryrendezvous: ᕙ(o_oˇ)ᕗ - Fe | said:
Today, 21:05

The most aids person I have ever met, insults people that are better than him, feeds off of other people’s irritation and does not deserve to be anything but open. As far as his skills go, mid on a good day.

Popkern: I could join a top high team if I wanted
Popkern: why do you insist on thinking you're above people?
Popkern: you'll never be playing at my skill level

Popkern: + - ᵛᵉˢ said:
Today, 01:09

edgeward at the end of the day i’ll always be better than you

Popkern: + - ᵛᵉˢ said:
Today, 01:09

both of you heavy mains find a team, get good and then shit talk me

[ZfG] BlueBerry607: i need to admit. you are a faggot but you can actually use your brain.

Tewi: have to play with you mge sometimes again, you are asshole but skilled asshole

*SPEC* medicphisto : someone who's actually smart about hacking would not fucking buy an australium black box on their fucking hacking account

Rogue: even if u have a big ego
Rogue: youre still fucking hilarious
Rogue: and skillful

frequent lft roamer : jesus christ, you have 50000 kills and you're still not bored of heavy?

$ayo// Global : gg
-=Nuqem=- : EAT MY DING DONG
$ayo// Mclane : REKT :D
b. : GG
Crypto | Eclipse : global ur hacking
The Fat King : sayo u are sofucking bad guys
b. : crazy sniper
$ayo// pooTish pow! : haha we win!!
$ayo// pooTish pow! : easy!
b. : you are the best
Crypto | Eclipse : u need a team to carry
Crypto | Eclipse : really nigga
-=Nuqem=- : FUCK HACKERS
$ayo// Mclane : get rekt lol
$ayo// pooTish pow! : lol
Crypto | Eclipse : 10/1ö not ahcking

BUM: firefly just asked me if i was "that guy who knew extrasolar and all those other aids guys"

Artifact Beagalltach killed Sco[ЯR]ch with minigun.
Sco[ЯR]ch : Artifact is the LMAObox worth the money?
Artifact Beagalltach : sorry what
[IL]HAMOOSHS : Heavy is a balnced and fair class
Disconnect: #TF_Vote_kicked.
You have been voted off

I really should stop "fabricating" text []

gallifrey : kick artifact - he's cheating - immune to flame as a soldier

none of your fucking business : artifact: the most annoying person to ever person

[*] light a candle for ReX [*] killed superiorsatyr5123 with machina.
superiorsatyr5123 : why does ur sniper have the globalox on it?
[*] light a candle for ReX [*] killed superiorsatyr5123 with machina.
superiorsatyr5123 : u cheat

Artifact Beagalltach : I know right, then I found out about that cool thing where if you type demos in console you can see who's been recording you
Player zugi left the game (Disconnect by user.)
Player zugi has joined the game

Temrane: I just thought you were a cunt who stole lollipops from children on the street
Temrane: and then walk up to their parents and go like


Celreo: mmm black box n conch
Celreo: I guess I did build a sentry so I deserve it haha
the real extrasolar:

A few minutes later...

BumFreeze @): haha youre losing soldier to extra
BumFreeze @): xDD
Celreo: he using
Celreo: the most
Celreo: fucking gay loadout though
Celreo: lol
Celreo: like
Celreo: hp stacking
BumFreeze @): he would be winning anyway youre not hitting shots xDDD
BumFreeze @): umadbro
BumFreeze @): go to ur dispenser
BumFreeze @): in red hours
BumFreeze @): *house
Celreo: no point
Celreo: lol
Celreo: when he using the crutch loadout
Celreo: lol
BumFreeze @): but he has less rockets
BumFreeze @): just pwn him like a good player
BumFreeze @): you noob
Celreo: lol
Celreo: super annoying
Celreo: when u getting 20hp back
Celreo: n regend every second

Yuki Usagi: Face facts here
Yuki Usagi: Either you hack, and I admit that's the more likely option
Yuki Usagi: Or you're naturally a mid standard at a class you have 50 hours with.
Yuki Usagi: You have about 1500 hours that weren't wasted on a 20 FPS laptop.
Yuki Usagi: And yet you're good at twitch, track, precision, prediction, gamesense, the works.
Yuki Usagi: So do you cheat, or are you going to stop being humble?

Delite: i just met the guy
Delite: on ur screenshot
Delite: chief wiggums gun guy
Thesimsons_FAN: in MM?
Delite: yes
Thesimsons_FAN: nice, he's one of my friends
Delite: ¿pɹǝu ɹo ɹǝʞɔɐɥ

01:31 - scrambled:
01:31 - scrambled: how edgy is that?
01:32 - Artifact Beagalltach: very
01:32 - scrambled: it even uses a shadow the hedgehog wallpaper as a base

Temrane, best medic in open: best official tbh
Temrane, best medic in open: the med drop will be in my head forever
Temrane, best medic in open: needs to be taken out
Temrane, best medic in open: used for an mlg video
Temrane, best medic in open: this official is like
Temrane, best medic in open: i had to play on a wooden table
Temrane, best medic in open: on a 36" tb
Temrane, best medic in open: tv*
Temrane, best medic in open: while sat on the floor
Temrane, best medic in open: and our demo was on drugs
Temrane, best medic in open: and we won
Temrane, best medic in open: wtaf

23:34 - Serenity: can we win open by managing to ban all team leaders
If you wish to cast me as the monster, fine. Just don't be surprised when I act the part.

Most upset gamers of the week (21/03/17): Morrow, yak, Chris, tavi, louvre, Funs, Detoed
Check back next week to see who makes the cut!
An archive will be created once the competition has been going on for long enough
MUGOFW 28/03/17 will be postponed due to a lack of drama :(

"Extrasolar - The Chief. The Gun. The Gunner in command. The CHIEF in command. The top of the piramid and the chief of the chiefs. Formally known around the TF2 Community as Chief Wiggum 007, has since moved to a non dead game (OverWatch is better than Team Fortress. Dill with IT. Now that he is OverWatching the eldars he is the kill. Chief Wiggums Gun." - wabble 2017

"Chris__: DAD - n1 gg said:
Yesterday, 22:07

extrasolar is literally one of the most retarded humans i have ever encountered

he sounds likes hes in a constant struggle from trying not to swallow his own tongue
also clearly has mental issues which hes trying to distract himself from by trying to be funny on the internet

lick my large willy"

Saya: lesquen - pd! said:
Tue 7 Feb 2017, 23:41

I’m sorry to be triggered, I didn’t expect I would have been playing in open vs prem HL that offclass the whole game.

1hp: Flowey is edgier than open spies

Chief Wiggum 007 killed Johnny Christ with tomislav.
*DEAD* Johnny Christ : wiggum from russian davaj davaj
Johnny Christ : soviet internet

Chief Wiggum 007 killed Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter with sniperrifle.
Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter : turn off cheat.
Deadly_Agent : who
Chief Wiggum 007 killed Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter with sniperrifle. (crit)
Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter : chief

22:13 - I love dick in my ass: do u play tf2 on playstation 1

21:36 Dave_the_Irate: why are they using a open heavy as a pyro merc?

Shark Tooth Fever: Every day you start to say or do something that makes you seem a little more like a serial killer to be

00:20 - 200 Ping Medic: Fucking machine
00:20 - 200 Ping Medic: Machina
00:20 - 200 Ping Medic: How are you that good with the machina?
00:20 - Global: what
00:20 - Global: is that a serious question
00:20 - 200 Ping Medic: Literally most of your kills were qilats
00:22 - 200 Ping Medic: I got killed once and then avoided your sight lines as much as possible
00:22 - 200 Ping Medic: And screamed "reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" when you killed me.
00:24 - Global: your sniper being garbage helped a lot too
00:24 - 200 Ping Medic: Lol
00:24 - 200 Ping Medic: He did get tilted.
00:26 - 200 Ping Medic: The thing is, he would like say to me "give me a buff" I'm like "I'm on left side and you want me to travel accross main to buff you with solar ready to bodyshot any moment? Nty."

one of the most upset tf2 players I've ever encountered []

10:46 - Joseph__: do u wanna see my dickpic
10:46 - Chief Wiggum 007: not rly
10:46 - Joseph__: ok
10:46 - Joseph__:
10:46 - Chief Wiggum 007: yaks 7.7 inch magnum biscuit dong
10:47 - Chief Wiggum 007: a girth of 5 inches
10:47 - Joseph__: dude
10:47 - Joseph__: thats like fucking
10:47 - Chief Wiggum 007: wider than your average fist
10:47 - Joseph__: idk how long
10:47 - Joseph__: the packet of biscuits hmm
10:47 - Chief Wiggum 007: depends
10:47 - Chief Wiggum 007: are oaties the hobnob copies or something else
10:48 - Joseph__: yes
10:48 - Joseph__: hobnob
10:48 - Chief Wiggum 007: ah so theyre thinner than 5 inches
10:48 - Chief Wiggum 007: thats a shame
10:48 - Joseph__: who the fuck
10:48 - Joseph__: has a cock that wide
10:48 - Chief Wiggum 007: ur mum
10:48 - Joseph__: XD
10:49 - Joseph__: ok
10:49 - Joseph__: its like
10:49 - Joseph__: 2.5 inch diameter
10:49 - Chief Wiggum 007: are you measuring your biscuits
10:49 - Joseph__: yes

I dont speak baugette : its a game by valve, if you hack in it theres something wrong with you
I dont speak baugette : im not stupid enoug to hack on a VAC protected game

23:02 - echoes: just saw a mention of sl4w on etf2l
23:03 - echoes: im pretty sure that kid had more drama than you
23:09 - |FaZe| jihadijohn1: almost
23:09 - |FaZe| jihadijohn1: mine is longer-standing tho
23:09 - echoes: only bc he quit
23:09 - echoes: like
23:09 - echoes: now that he's gone
23:09 - echoes: you actually get most toxic player
23:09 - echoes: i think
23:12 - echoes:

Slacky : get carried from i have the power of god
Mujaffa : nice profile, why so private?
Slacky : gg
i have the power of god : ?
Mujaffa : power of cheats`?

SUB ME IN COACH IM READY killed Capu with spy_cicle. (crit)
SUB ME IN COACH IM READY killed Stereo with spy_cicle. (crit)
SUB ME IN COACH IM READY killed bum new sens with spy_cicle. (crit)
SUB ME IN COACH IM READY killed polis with letranger.
*DEAD* bum new sens : LOL
*DEAD* bum new sens : who says spy isnt viable
*DEAD* polis : haha such a whacky and goofy dude extra :)

12:07 - gost: The fact is I'd prefer kids were sheltered until they reach a certain point
12:07 - gost: Because you are going to kill someone someday because of how screwed up you are mentally
12:07 - gost: And I'd prefer to have less kids like you
12:07 - gost: No disrespect, but don't deny it

鑓塵幗膂蓿f寥寢膃暠瘉甅甃槊槎f碣綮瘋聟碯颱亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : :
澣幗嶌塹傴嫩榛畝皋i袍耘蚌紕欒儼巓襴踟篁f罵f亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : :
漲蔭甃縟諛f麭窶膩I嶮薤篝爰曷樔黎㌢´  `ⅷ踟亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : :
蔕漓滿f蕓蟇踴f歙艇艀裲f睚鳫巓襴骸     贒憊亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : :
榊甃齊爰f懈橈燗殪幢緻I翰儂樔黎夢'”    ,ィ傾篩縒亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : :
箋聚蜚壊劑薯i暹盥皋袍i耘蚌紕偸′    雫寬I爰曷f亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : :
銕颱麼寰篝螂徑悗f篝嚠篩i縒縡齢       Ⅷ辨f篝I鋗f亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:; : : .
碯聟f綴麼辨螢f璟輯駲f迯瓲i軌帶′     `守I厖孩f奎亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : : .
綮誣撒f曷磔瑩德f幢儂儼巓襴緲′  I never   `守枢i磬廛i亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : : .
慫寫廠徑悗緞f篝嚠篩I縒縡夢'´ really was on  `守峽f徑悗f亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : : .
廛僵I數畝篥I熾龍蚌紕襴緲′   you're side     ‘守畝皋弊i劍亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : : .
瘧i槲瑩f枢篝磬曷f瓲軌揄′             ,gf毯綴徑悗嚠迩忙亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;::
襴罩硼f艇艀裲睚鳫襴鑿緲'               奪寔f厦傀揵猯i爾迩忙亦尓㍍i:i:
椈棘斐犀耋絎絲絨緲′                     ”'罨悳萪f蒂渹幇f廏迩忙i亦尓㍍
潁樗I瘧德幢i儂巓緲′                   r㎡℡〟”'罨椁裂滅楔滄愼愰迩忙亦
翦i磅艘溲I搦儼巓登zzz zzz㎜㎜ァg    緲 g    甯體i爺ゎ。, ”'罨琥焜毳徭i嵬塰慍絲
枢篝磬f曷迯i瓲軌f襴暹 甯幗緲 ,fi'   緲',纜。  贒i綟碕碚爺ゎ。 ”'罨皴發傲亂I黹靱
緞愾慊嵬嵯欒儼巓襴驫 霤I緲 ,緲   ",纜穐  甯絛跨飩i髢馳爺ゎ。`'等誄I筴碌I畷
罩硼I蒻筵硺艇艀i裲睚亀 篳'’,緲  g亀 Ⅶil齢  贒罩硼i艇艀裲睚鳫爺靠飭蛸I裘裔
椈f棘豢跫跪I衙絎絲絨i爺i㎜iⅣ   ,緲i亀 Ⅶ靈,  甯傅喩I揵揚惹屡絎痙棏敞裔筴敢
頬i鞏褂f跫詹雋髢i曷迯瓲軌霤   ,緲蔭穐 Ⅶ穐   讎椈i棘貅f斐犀耋f絎絲觚f覃黹黍
襴蔽戮貲艀舅I肅肄肆槿f蝓Ⅷ   緲$慚I穐,疊穐  甯萪碾f鋗輜靠f誹臧鋩f褂跫詹i雋

find my easter egg
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flint 5 hours ago 
my steam lags when i open your profile
Genzarata 21 hours ago 
I saw Extrasolar at a shop in England. I told him how cool it was to meet him, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him. He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” All I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “Huh? Huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away to continue with my shopping, and heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff I saw him walking out the doors with like ten Milky Ways in his hands without paying. The girl at the counter was very professional, and said “Sir, you need to pay for those.” He kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned around and brought them over. When she took a bar and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them individually “to prevent any electric infetterence,” then turned around and winked at me. After she scanned each bar and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning loudly.
Genzarata 23 hours ago 
please do not be mean additional sunlight
silver player Jul 22 @ 4:09pm 
probably worst tf2 player this mans is, he wasted like what 8.4k hours of his life what a noob1!!!!! xdDDDdd 0wn3d1!1! Ez.
Shadoll Subsumation Jul 22 @ 10:35am