The new air I breath, it is pollutated. Disrupted. Intoxicated.   Ireland
can you like, comment before you add me? no comment, no add.
can you like, comment before you add me? no comment, no add.
can you like, comment before you add me? no comment, no add.


Many of you say;
"oh but I am not blind. I have never been blind",
but when you truly see,
just how truly blind you once were to even think it right to say you were n̲o̲t̲ blind!
What does a blind man see?
Blackness - Darkness - Black Darkness - Dark blankness
quite literally n̲o̲ thing... No things. NOTHING.-
So you see nothing and I bring you into the light
A̲ ̲c̲a̲t̲ ̲h̲a̲s̲ ̲y̲o̲u̲r̲ ̲p̲i̲p̲e̲ You have been blind.
You can't fully immerse yourself.
You dont have the light.
You dont have the radiance the radical light
the radically radiant light of truth
and truths belonging love and
nature of light and loving truthfull radiance.
So dont be bold and make bold statements
I know of you; The cat has your pipe.
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My name is Toxic, nice to meet you!
My discord - Toxic #2613
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Please note
I can often be found on Neonheights, however, I am perma-gagged on that server chain, so do not expect me to be using the normal chat

Basic Info
• Birthday - August 17th
• Zodiac - Leo
• Favorite Colors - Green and Blue
• TF2 Main - Pyro
• Favorite Games - Team Fortress 2 | Enter the Gungeon

Status Info
• Online - Feel free to chat with me!
• Away - Feel free to send me a message, I wont respond untill I come back, however
• Busy - Do not talk to me unless it is extremely important
• Snooze - Feel asleep on my keyboard, please try to wake me up
• Offline - I will not respond you apple sauce container

Friending Info
• Please for the love of god comment before you add me.
• If there is no comment, your add will be left pending
• If there is no comment within the first hour of your add, it will be denied
DO NOT add me for trading, you can trade with me here.
• I choose who can be my friend and who can't, so even if you do leave a comment about why you added me, I can still decline it. So don't be surprised if that happens
• Repeatingly friending me, around 3-5 times, will result in a block
Sorry if I removed you, we probably just never talked and/or I didn't really want you in my friends list anymore. (Sorry if that was the case for you.) Feel free to friend me again whenever you want to!

Background Info
Hello, my name is Toxic. I'm just a really casual and chill guy that plays TF2 alot of the time. I have way to much free time on my hands, so that probably explains it. I main Pyro, so automatically I'm tryhard. I will often be found playing on Neonheights, a pretty good server chain in my opinion. I like to collect cards, I don't know why, I just do. Look, I'm trying to be a better person, ok? It's not easy. I do wish there was more to talk about me, but there's nothing else you need to know really.

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this shit is stupid xd

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"hope who ever fucking left dies" why did i think that wasent a joke xD
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now where could my memes be?
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Fuck me daddy until my face falls off
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