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vxiow : etney you are actual gay cocks

JessikaMiku : etney, your so used to fucking with sticky shit u use that gun well
JessikaMiku : should try wiping that cum from your lip do

Spades♠ : Etney is the gayest mother fucker I've ever seen press 'comma 2' in Team Fortress 2.
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Dog Mar 4 @ 4:39pm 
Yes im sorry that i got frustrated when playing against someone vastly better than me. Because youre a saint and you never EVER got upset throughout your ENTIRE time playing tf2
Dog Mar 4 @ 4:38pm 
Well you were still being a dickhead. And all i saw was your team just being douchebags to me calling me bad. And you being a cunt saying i think everything is overpowered when i specifically stated only the deadringer was
Etney Mar 4 @ 4:24pm 
Believe it or not, you getting killed twice by me and freaking out calling me shit and then me telling you to calm down is not "shit talking". If you think that's the case, you seriously need to reevaluate your life and maybe realize you're just playing a video game.
Dog Mar 4 @ 4:16pm 
Whatever some other people agree in the comments that this guy is a huge cuntface. If he wants to be alone in life thats his choice. His first mistake was playing a dead game and trying to kill it faster by being an asshole
Dog Mar 4 @ 4:12pm 
No but they shouldnt be huge assholes when they do. Its extremely fun to play against some douchebag who wanted to pubstomp with a full team
Pigby Mar 4 @ 4:11pm 
are comp players not allowed to play casual?