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Born on a mountain, raised in a cave.
Truckin' and fuckin' is all I crave.
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Scoops on The Forest: "You've got big tits for a spider-mutant"

12:29 AM - Enth: Shatner has a 52 year old daughter
12:29 AM - Unwanting Wang-Magnet:
12:29 AM - Enth: and a 58 year old one
12:29 AM - Enth: and a 55 year old one
12:30 AM - Enth: our ages combined
12:30 AM - Enth: do not even equal
12:30 AM - Enth: one Shatchild
12:30 AM - Unwanting Wang-Magnet: yes
12:30 AM - Unwanting Wang-Magnet: BUT
12:30 AM - Unwanting Wang-Magnet: we have shit enough to make a whole shatner
12:30 AM - Enth:
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Fearless Dominator May 29 @ 8:31pm 
☪ You say Lady Gaga, I say Allah
☪ You say Miley Cyrus, I say Allah
☪ You say T-Pain, I say Allah
☪ You say Eminem, I say Allah
☪ You say Jonas Brother, I say Allah
☪ 92% of teens have turned to western degeneracy. If you are part of the 8% that still upholds the path of Islam, copy and paste this message to 5 other walls. DON'T LET THE SPIRIT OF ISLAM DIE!!!!!
.N May 11 @ 12:59am 
hook this guy up with some barley and ice runs through his veins boys amen
Lilly Stromfall Mar 29 @ 5:10pm 
Akio Feb 5 @ 10:54pm 
I appreciate you taking your time to look at strangers profiles and send them invitiation to your group, but sadly for you, I won't be joining it at all. Sorry lad.
Bluedisc Feb 4 @ 10:40pm 
I can proudly accept this one.
Bluedisc Feb 4 @ 10:34pm 
I am now going to decline your current group invite, considering im a small dicked faggot