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High Risk. High Pay. High Adventure!

Note: I have added a guide on "how to play Multiplayer" and "how to play in higher resolutions" near the end of the review!

I already owned all Red Faction titles, but wanted to buy a digital version too.
Now that it was on sale, I immediately grabbed it.

This is the original and true Red Faction game.
All the others that came afterwards had in no way the impactful and interesting story and journey, as you can experience in Red Faction 1.

If you are interested in trying a game from the Red Faction franchise, this is the right one to play.


+ Graphically it was impressive for it's time, which still counts today (for me)
+ Old school FPS action with a good and unique storyline
+ Very enjoyable and powerful array weapons (all acquired as you proceed through the story)
+ Amazing soundtrack
+ "Geo-Mod", aka destroy those polygonal textures as you wish or so to say "the direct way is not always the best one, so make your own one"
+ Has Multiplayer
+ Different enemies and encounters scaling in difficulty through the story, plus boss fights!

~ Multiplayer unfortunately only has Deathmatch and CTF modes (no coop story).
~ Not a bad thing, but quickly forgotten: No autosaves - save your game regularly in the menu!
~ As good as the soundtrack is, the scores don't always loop and if they do, it sounds badly put together.
~ The AI's aiming is ridiculously accurate, making the end game part very tough (for example: Railgun = one-shot)

- Original game doesn't support all screen resolutions, even as a Steam release (maximum is 1280x1024)
- The ending is somewhat abrupt and the "final boss" is rather lame for a final boss. Even if it makes sense as an encounter on planet Mars, there still could have been something better, or at least bigger. You will probably be surprised when it ends.
- Story leaves the player with an "open end". The tryhard successor of it is Red Faction 3 - Guerilla, which connects to the story of RF1, but does that rather poorly. Without a cutscene or info at the end about the main protagonist's whereabouts, it ends somewhat disappointing. I personally would have liked to know what happens to him at that point.
- You need mods to fix stuff like the resolution for widescreen, a bit disappointing considering a Steam release.


How to play in Multiplayer:
... for those who really don't get it

1. Launch the game via Steam
2. The game launcher appears, click on "Setup"
3. Go to the "Network" tab
4. You MUST select a "Connection Speed" type here, do that
5. Make sure the "Master server" is: rf.thqmultiplay.net (it's the official RF server)
6. Confirm the changes and start the game
7. Enjoy Multiplayer

Note: If you use Pure Faction launcher, the server is switched to "ms1.purefaction.org".
You can change that by entering the official server name above into the Pure Faction launcher!

How to play in higher resolutions:
... because it matters

1. Download the Pure Faction - Red Faction launcher[purefaction.org] (legit)
2. Install it into your game's folder ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Red Faction
3. Start "PFLauncher.exe" or start directly after installation
4. Go to "Game Settings" tab and change the resolution to whatever you desire
5. Additionally make other adjustments that might be important to you, like the Master server (see note above in Multiplayer guide)
6. Go to "Multiplayer" tab and click on "Launch game"
=> That should be enough. If it still doesn't work, refer to the official thread here: official Pure Faction Steam thread. Or alternatively follow these steps below:

Alternative way for widescreen support:

1. Download Red Faction Addon[www.factionfiles.com] (legit)
2. Go to your Red Faction game folder and create a backup copy of "RF.exe" (like create a random folder for it and put it in there)
3. Rename the downloaded "RF 1.21 (RF Addon 1.1)" to "RF.exe" and put it into your Red Faction game folder
4. Start the new "RF.exe"
=> Enjoy the game in widescreen
=> If you installed Pure Faction launcher before, swapping these RF.exe files won't have any bad consequences for your game files.

Other mods can be found here: Official Red Faction Mods[www.factionfiles.com]

Shoutout to the modding community who has done it once again better than the developer!

Disclaimer: all of this works as of the day I wrote this review, and therefore guarantee nothing in case there will be an update for the game (which nowadays should be unlikely).


Original game: 8/10
Modded game: 8.5/10

This is the only true Red Faction to me.

I'm not overly being a fanboy, because I have played and do own the other titles for making this comparison, and they are nowhere as good as the first game.

They all have something interesting about them of course, but this Red Faction is the only one with a real "journey" and the real story of the franchise - without any unnecessary bullsh.it, or a trashy take on Nazi-Germany (no disrespect).

Also to mention it again, the Soundtrack is top-notch and really delivers while shooting your way to freedom.

Thanks to the modding community, I was able to play this game on 1080p, which improved the experience a lot!

People who enjoyed similar games or played something like Quake or Unreal Tournament, may be interested in the Red Faction franchise.

Recommended for fans of old school FPS games!
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