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UGC Season 21 Steel: The e-Lemon-ators

Turn back now... or just add me. Either way, read what's below.
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Adding me: If you are going to add me, go ahead. If you're somebody I know, I'll most likely accept, but otherwise I'll only add you if you give me any comment, even if it's just "A" or "Communism is great".


When I'm Available:

In-Game (Team Fortress Two): Ask me if I want to play. If it's around 8-12 PM EST, I may be in a scrim, so that's where I am if I don't respond.

In-Game: Ask me to play any game you want to play. And don't make it weird, please, I'd like to just keep it simple and have a fun game of TF2/CS:GO/Overwatch/Battleblock Theator/another game.

Online: I'm either on ScrapTF, reddit, or didn't have time to click away. Usually it's a 50/50 between the first two and the last one.

Looking to Play: I'm desperate to play some TF2 and only TF2. Just do it, it's for the greater good.

Looking to Trade: I'm not willing to talk or actually trade. If you trade with me, I'll decline almost immediately if I'm online or not at all if I'm gone. Just don't try to trade during that time, there is no "Do Not Disturb" so this will work as it.

Away: I'm away for some reason, just send me a message and I'll see it later.

Busy: I'm at my computer but I am busy, if you send me a message I may respond to all of yours compulsively and never get my work done. Please don't.

Offline: What do you think this means?

And a message to Ryantank11 if he ever reads this: I have a lot of things I do in a day, and all you do is go home and play TF2. I have honors courses to work on, so let me work on them, alright?


Now that that's out of the way, if you're from ScrapTF and you have a question or concern, put it on my profile there and I'll see it. If you are from ScrapTF and you just want to be friendly, I'll talk at any point, even if the conversation makes no sense and is full of things that hurt Gordinni's mind.

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🌓 Uncle Ruskie Jun 22 @ 2:28pm 
This person is and always will be a very good friend, regardless of how long he is gone he will always be thought upon as amazing.
-King-Kira Jun 19 @ 9:45pm 
This dude is dead somewhere
Fuse Jun 19 @ 9:26pm 
Empty Engineer? where you part of a trade group I was in one time?

wanderwolf Jun 14 @ 11:11am 
Finally got TF2 working again. YAY
🌓 Uncle Ruskie May 30 @ 8:21pm 
I had a friend issue, feel free to re add me, old friend ^^
Inactive BOT 1 May 13 @ 2:16pm 
Engi I need to ask you a question and I'm too lazy to log into my main