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What should I say.. this is one of my, probably, surely even my favorite Indi-game of all time! I had so much fun with it, I hope you will have too!
So, first of all, what kind of game is Teleglitch? It is a [relatively] random generated ,,dungeon"-crawler Topdown-shooter with a perma-death mechanic, great crafting, micromanagement, many enemies and a striking [horror-kind of] atmosphere, made by some cool sounds and your limited vision set in an abandoned sience-fiction apocalyptic scenario.

The story/setting: Something went wrong in a research station on a planet in outer space. They wont respond, so you and your team were sent to find out what is going on. Turns out, everyone turned into mutants and all the androids and robots are infected with some kind of virus. You managed to lock yourself into a room, but your supplies are limited and you can´t contact anyone from your current location. So, the only way to get out of this hellhole, obviously, is to search the whole station for a way to communicate with someone to get you out of there.

The gameplay: You basically try to gather supplies, craft new useful stuff and shoot everything in your way. You have a variety of cool weapons and ineresting tools. Micromanagment is also a big deal in this game, as you can´t drag everything you have into the next level and have to decide if you will leave weapons, health-kits, tools or stuff to craft witch maybe be important later on. But *What I like most about the game* is the sense of progression! After every level I finished I thought that, no matter how hard I would try, I wouldn´t be able to make it to the next level because I used all I had and only just made it to where I was. But then I would try it again and get much further. Also, getting to the new location, getting/craftin the new weapons and tools and seeing and defeating the new enemies adds much more to that sense of prgression.

One last thing: Look at one of the screenshots, just to be sure you can handle the graphics ;] I find them pretty cool.
Also, your skill in gaming should be atleast average, maybe better as this game isn´t easy. I would also recommend to bring some patience/ passion. Also, don´t use the music.

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Toby Jun 14, 2016 @ 8:36am 
TAG 8:
Er ist immernochnicht zurück, ist das zu fassen?!
Die Kinder fragen mich schon, wo denn Onkel Kid sei..was soll ich ihnen nur sagen?
Dass er für immer ins Lala-Land gegangen ist? NEIN!
Ich warte lieber noch.
Ich warte, um es ihnen zu sagen und ich warte auf Emokid.

Toby Jun 13, 2016 @ 12:18pm 
Da Emokids Abwesenheit nun schon eine Woche lang ist, habe ich mich entschlossen, ein Tagebuch zu schreiben, also fangen wir an.

TAG 7: Es ist nun schon eine verdamme Woche her, seit Emokid spurlos verschwunden ist.
Ich spüre, dass ich langsam nervös werde, denn die Nahrungsrationen werden immer knapper.
Ich weiss nicht, wie lange ich das noch aushalten kann!
Wir brauchen unseren Emokid, um das Gleichgewicht von Steam wieder herzustellen.
Ich hoffe, dass diese Abwesenheit bald vorbei ist.

Rel!chunter Aug 18, 2015 @ 12:56pm 
+1 Sportsman