Neel Kamo   Frisco, Texas, United States
Main Scout for Chronic Squares
UGC 6v6 Platinum

I like the Pokemon TCG, so if you wanna have a meta discussion or something, I'm down for it.

WHAT IS VAPE?: its 10 10 AM
Ember :^): its 9:10 for me
WHAT IS VAPE?: fuck you and your time travel magic

cykachu used thunderblyat
its super effective my friend

ember :^): guess what i had for lunch
Toco: memes
ember :^): no
ember :^): guess again
Toco: kool aid chicken
ember :^): lmao
ember :^): i had curry you idiot
Toco: same thing
Toco: pretty sure there ain't a difference
ember :^): lmao
ember :^): second of all
ember :^): it was goat curry
Toco: what a meme
Toco: koolaid goat
Toco: sounds great

kaede: what happened to ember the iron pyro

*after killing him*


Dr.Phil left the game (Disconnect by user.)

18:02:20 kairOs.fk: http://i.imgur.com/KBLPFFO.png?1
18:02:23 kairOs.fk: this hurts my brain
18:02:51 IVX: right?
18:02:57 Ember LFT Sniper/Pyro any div: wait
18:02:58 Ember LFT Sniper/Pyro any div: wot
18:03:05 IVX: unbelievable that 154 people would friend ember
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Stuff about myself:
I am heavily into eSports, especially Overwatch and Team Fortress 2. I play TCGs as well as video games (Magic: The Gathering and the Pokémon TCG). I have a lot of nostalgia for Nintendo as that was basically my childhood.

Previous TF2 Teams:
(S21 UFC Iron 6s) Meme Team
(UGC Platinum Highlander) スープ
Current TF2 Team: Chronic Squares https://www.ugcleague.com/team_page.cfm?clan_id=25603
(Main Scout)

Current Overwatch Team:
Wakeland eSports (I play offtank)

- High School Star League OW Spring 2017 4th Place NA
- 8th Place Texas Pokémon TCG Regionals
- Ranked 3rd best Roadhog in HSL
- "gud snaiper" toco 2k17
- Rally Call Participant 2017

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ur gay lmao
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I give this brown male an astounding 29/31
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Massive meme
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