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The imagination is the most powerful thing a human has!
I'm not accepting private profiles, if you're under lvl 10, or don't comment.
I'm a Game Dev & Part-Time Game Master. (And Whovian) "I LOVE Dr.Who!"
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Q: Do you want to do a collaboration?
A: Sure, I love doing collaborations, That is one of the main reasons I am an Indie Developer! Just send me a message (and/or) leave a comment on my profile, and we can talk about it.

Q: What games have you worked on?
A: Survival Zombies The Inverted Evolution, Corona MotorSports, Combat Racers, Acid Flip, Networking for Redactem, BrainBread 2, & MORE!!!

Q: Can I help you on a game with you? I am an "Idea Guy"
A: The industry is filled with ideas, Anyone can come up with an idea, Everyone that touches a game influnces it, There is no room for "Idea Guy(s)", Everyone is an "Idea Guy",
TL;DR: No.

Q: Will you sell me a Steamworks Developer badge??
A: No, and if you ask I will take your money and run! and you will be BLOCKED.

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sleepwalker May 25 @ 8:55am 
god loves you too, just not as much as he loves me :D
~T$C~ Xenon May 21 @ 5:53pm 
what is wrong with using someones profile picture as mine? I have never claimed credit for it.... I like it as its about Defqon.1 and has a cool background. What is your issue?
Michael May 20 @ 6:41am 
that profile pic ruined my childhood memories ;-;
Milo May 18 @ 7:09pm 
Hey, I sent you a friend request based on your post about D&D on the Tabletop Simular discussion board.
penfold282 May 18 @ 1:52pm 
im from table top simulator please accept my friend request
Alfalfa May 18 @ 2:56am 
This comment is brought to you by tabletop simulator and D&D