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Adam   Shropshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Hey! I am a TF2 Trader mostly. I am no pro at TF2 (I just about get equal K:D Ratio) I don't mind if you add me but please say something I hate those people who just say silent. I like adventure time yes before you ask
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* NEW RULE * If you add me and are Steam Level 4 Or Lower I will decline, If you are Level 4 or Lower and you need to add me then you MUST comment why. I remove too many people each day that add me for no reason

**Backpack.tf Suggester** (With decent success). A backpack.tf suggester is someone who frequently changes the prices of items to match trends etc. I have changed over 1000 Prices. If you have a request then comment it or add me. If you request an unusual to be done and don't provide a sale I will only do it for a small donation (Usually ~3 Refined (Some have offered ~9 refined before)). If you provide a small amount then a small donation (~1 Refined) Would act as motivation! I will credit you if you provide sales/history links of items/profiles of people with that item.

Hey, if you’re viewing my profile to trade, read the rules below:


I will buy practically anything, send an offer and see what happens, I’m always up for a trade and my backpack is always up for sale. I have mobile authentication. Quick, Fast, Easy trades.
Unlike most traders I’ll pay extra for paints (See below) and killstreaks, I will pay extra for parts (1 Scrap per part).
I have lots of +rep on my profile and I'd love it if you guys added to this if you enjoyed trading with me! I even have a +rep from the Legend PiotreX

Terms and Conditions:
- I will be happy to accept any offers as some items are negotiation allowed.
- Be respectful when talking, insulting me or my stuff will not give you a discount.
- Don’t Lowball – Pretty Obvious that one
- Don’t Expect Items to be worth what backpack.tf says as some items haven’t been updated in ages. Especially Skins and Killstreaks
- Overpay is accepted and will be 15% For most items. Good tip is to add me about overpay

If you are buying an item:
- I’d prefer if you sent a trade offer by using the following link:
As it's a quicker more efficient way of trading
- However you can add to discuss/negotiate/ask for bulk deals

15% Extra (Add if you want to discuss this)

- Taunts and Australiums are counted as pure.
- I value skins @ SCM Pricing, I have a strict way about this and I never pay full value for skins
- Painted items, I will pay (roughly) the backpack.tf price + the paint price from below

If it’s painted:
Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime, An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge, A Distinctive Lack of Hue, After Eight, Pink as Hell, Balaclavas Are Forever and Team Spirit,
I will give you an extra ref onto my backpack.tf price (As some items could be "valued" @ 6.66 on bp.tf yet there are sellers for 6.44)

If it’s painted:
Mann Orange, Australium Gold, A Deep Commitment to Purple, A Color Similar to Slate, A Mann’s Mint, Waterlogged Lab Coat, Operator’s Overalls, The Value of Teamwork and An Air of Debonair.
I’ll pay an extra 0.44 onto my backpack.tf price (As some items could be "valued" @ 6.66 on bp.tf yet there are sellers for 6.44)

If it’s painted:
Ye Olde Rustic Colour, Color No. 216-190-216, Peculiarly Drab Tincture, Aged Moustache Grey, Radigan Conagher Brown, Muskelmannbraun, The Color of a Gentlemann’s Business Pants, Dark Salmon Injustice, Noble Hatter’s Violet, Zepheniah’s Greed, Drably Olive and Indubitably Green.
I will pay an extra 0.22 onto my backpack.tf price (As some items could be "valued" @ 6.66 on bp.tf yet there are sellers for 6.44)

Killstreaks - Add to talk about prices as they fluctuate between weps

If you are selling an item/items
- I am happy to buy practically everything (Obviously depends on inventory value at the time).
- If you’re selling something, be sure to send me an offer as well.
- I will pay less for skins as I don’t use them.
- I always buy in pure metal (Key, Ref, Rec, Scrap, Random Weapon, and Crate).
I am online everyday but I have Internet hour restrictions. I will accept (or decline or counter) your trade within 48 Hours.

Some Useful Links:
Trade Offer:
Backpack.tf Listings:
Backpack.tf Inventory:
TF2 Oupost Profile:
Bazaar.tf Profile:
Scrap.tf Profile:

Happy Trading!!

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Thanks for the trade, feel free to either decline or accept my friend request
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I apologize, I don't even know why that listing was there, and I'm sorry if I seemed mean. I was scammed recently so, I'm a little bit more aware of my trades. Sorry Again!