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At it's core it's an arena shooter, but it combines enough of good meta elements of modern rogue-lites: (Mostly) meaningful persistent progression, simple crafting, and varied ways of fighting. The progression feels like Rogue Legacy, the gameplay (certainly the level progression) is remincent of FTL, and the combat while currently a bit limited feels a lot like Delver and co.

However, while it's largely formulaic, it's a great feeling formula that doesn't disappoint.

There's been a drought of quality space sims ever since Freespace and while this isn't a sim, but does scratch the space itch very well. Certainly better than some recent attempts like Strike Suit Zero and SOL: Exodus.

Note: Dispite people saying how it's better than No Man's Sky it's a completely differeny everything. I admit it does feel better. Don't pick this up expecting an experience remotely like what we all wanted from No Man's Sky, but do pick it up because space shooters are awesome.

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PR0XIDIAN Dec 9, 2015 @ 10:52pm 
http://www.modmic.com/ O_O Dude, this seems like a way better alternative to a regular headset.
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