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General info

Hey, I'm Rory! :mkcat:
I'm 17, a former Canadian now living in Australia, with an interest in technology-related stuff and a love for anything pink. I sometimes do art as well.

I'm Lunk's princess 💖

I like to make new friends! If you want to talk to me/befriend me, you can absolutely go for it - just note that I can be a little anxious around new people at first.
On that note, I probably won't accept your friend request if I don't recognize you, if your profile is private, or we have no friends in common. If your friend request got denied, it's likely because of one or more of those reasons.
If you fall into any of those categories, or just want to say hi, please leave a comment on my profile so I know who you are!

I like:

:strawbvin: Cats
:strawbvin: Splatoon
:strawbvin: The Weakerthans
:strawbvin: Hoodies
:strawbvin: Steven Universe
:strawbvin: Strawberries
:strawbvin: The Postal Service
:strawbvin: Video games
:strawbvin: Rainy weather
:strawbvin: Cream soda
:strawbvin: Ava's Demon (read it here!) []

Some cute people

Lunk - my hero :reheart:
Fish - 21
Press - burger boy
Kida - actually the 🅱️ emoji irl
Cas - she purble
Didu - tiny, will fight you
Hello - :me::me:friend :elrath:
DeadFingers - cool skeltal
Gray - payday
Wildbreeze - waving cat
Theo - Santa, but from New Zealand
Austell - cotton candy girl

Additional info

I'm an official tech support volunteer for Ronimo Games - you may see me posting in reply to your bug reports on the Steam forums.

I moderate the official Awesomenauts fanart gallery [] (that's how I got my duck badge ingame).

I change my name and avatar somewhat often, usually to something stupid, so you should probably add a nickname to me to prevent any confusion.

Other places you can find me

Discord: Duskitty#5930
Youtube: Duskitty Cat
Twitter: @DuskittyCat
Nintendo Switch friend code: SW-7096-1014-2244

Other stuff

Current jam
Out of context quotes []

Thanks for reading all this! Have a good day! :msfortune:

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thanks matpat
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And in the late 2000s, looking at the map would show you all the locations as normal with no waterfall whatsoever, However, in the early 2010s, you could clearly see a waterfall next to the Dojo and a lake in the middle of the forest nearby the igloos. But aside from humans creating contributing to global warming, the penguins themselves might have also have contributed to their demise. How? Well the island used to have a recycle plant, but was removed in July 22013, so now the penguins could recycle anything, which might also have contributed to the melting of the iceberg and their island. So, does this mean that on the final day of Club penguin was the death of all the penguins that lived there too? Think about it.
Tired 100 Por Ciento 14 hours ago 
Club Penguin was an online interactive game aimed towards children in which you walked around a virtual island as a penguin and chatted with other players and played games. However, on March 29, 2017, Club Penguin was officially shut down. However, was this an analogy for the penguins drowning after global warming had melted the island? Lemmie explain, In the final days of Club Penguin during the Waddle On party, you were able to tip over the iceberg, before then it was impossible to do so, how is that so? Is it that it melted do to global warming? And it's not just the iceberg but the island itself. In the later half of the game's lifespan, the forest had formed a waterfall, when before there was no waterfall at all, possibly caused by the island melting.
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absolutely me
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So I met this girl who worked at Starbucks, and I worked up the courage to ask her on a date after a couple of conversations at the register. She was a month older than me but I didn't really care, she was fun to be around. So we took a walk along the beach, and we kissed in the pale moonlight, a full moon, it was really romantic. We started really getting into it, and she slowly unzipped my jeans, she reaches inside and starts kissing her way down my chest, she finally gets all the way down, looks up at me with the most seductive eyes I've ever seen and says "No thanks, I had Reese's for breakfast" and I'm like "No way, you had candy for breakfast?" She replies, "Not candy! Reese's puffs cereal!" So she sliiiiides me a bowl. I crunch into it and WHAM! My mouth goes crazy! That smooth combo of peanut butter and chocolate-y taste attacking my taste buds! She zips my pants back up and says "And it's part of this complete breakfast!"
Fred McPain Feb 6 @ 2:42pm 
🦀 crabber bros 🦀 we're the best 🦀 spare the pure 🦀 kill the rest 🦀 we've got claws 🦀 we've got shells 🦀 snip and snap the infidels 🦀