I generally accept all friend requests, although I will most likely not accept friend requests from:

- Private profiles
- Newly created low-level profiles
- Offensive/obvious joke-profiles

If you're adding me because you want to trade make sure to send me a message after your friend request is accepted, as it's impossible for me to keep track of everyone. Please note that '+rep' posted on your Steam profile carries very little weight if you have none or negative rep at SteamTrades.com.

Sending me suspicious links will get you removed from my friends list & reported. Beggars will be ignored.
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My Info!
My Collections <3

Ruby http://imgur.com/a/n5bxi
Slaughter http://imgur.com/a/vLI2f
Blue CH Collection http://imgur.com/a/k8eH9
Crimson http://imgur.com/a/ApSxa
Safari Collection http://imgur.com/a/avLEz#0
Fade collection http://imgur.com/a/3qgQa
M9 100% fade Statrack http://imgur.com/a/9dd2a
Kara Statrack 80/20 http://imgur.com/a/a0SKz

Incase you add me
★ If you are a private profile, or level 0-5 I will not accept you. It's easy to figure who's a scammer.
(btw, I don't usually click on links unless I know they're legit)
★ Please leave a comment on my profile as of why you are adding me, I will remove it later on.
★ I don't bite, so I usually accept everyone else :)
★ If you add me to play CSGO or League MMs and do not own a mic I will remove you again.
★ If you refuse to use Teamspeak for ingame voice chat, I will also remove you again
★ If you're a salty and raging person and a bad loser, I will remove you as well.
★ I only Play CSGO with a Rank width from SE to MG2 at the moment, so don't add me if you're below or above those ranks, thanks :)
★ I enjoy random conversations so you can always message me about random shit as long as i'm not super busy at the moment but I will usually tell you that.

★ I will trade with you as long as your offer is legit and you're not lowballing.
★ Im never trying to downgrade, so make a fair offer of the same value or above, never below
★ I will +rep you if you are a nice, friendly and fair trader
★ Trade offers here:

Please note, the following rules have been set as a result of increase in the number of scammers. If you do not meet my rules, please do not take it personal. I abide by these rules 100% and they will never change. For more information please do not hesitate to ask.

I can provide you a lot of proof that i am legit.

The payment options include; Paypal (family gift method), Skrill, International Bank Transfer.

Union and Wire Transfer payment methods are not always available (ask if interested)

If selling your item I will pay you ~80-90% of the average market value unless you have a rare item.

If you have a rare item; please provide screenshots so I can see myself

Note: I dont take reps into consideration because they can easily be faked and game hours can be boosted. However, if you have alot of -rep on csgolounge then I will suspect you will be a scammer.

PayPal Rules:

- I send the money as "Family & Friends".
- If there are fees involved - i cover them.
- I will include this message in your payment: "This payment is for virtual items that I have received, I will not chargeback or dispute this transaction".


Q: Why do I buy items for real money?
A: I do this as a business, once I buy your item I re-sell it for keys and then I sell the keys to streamers on twitch for $2each hence making profit

Note: All transactions are private and your names will not be revealed to other players


Why should you trust me?

I've got an account which looks decent.
I've got an account which doesn't contain any bad comments.
I've got an account which has Decent Reputation.
I'm known by several big traders.
I've got ''Trusted Buyer'' as name by big traders.
I`ve got lots of rep on lounge


Calling me a scammer will never be respected at all (Instant Block)
You're unkind to me.
You aren't listening to me..
Adding me before reading this....


So you want to sell your knife , what to do?

- You post your in the comment section below.
- Ensure you agree to my terms.

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Vices 21 hours ago 
+rep Thanks for the buy man, im glad that i could sell my awp dragon lore to ya, for $500 not too bad thanks man.

The paypal transaction took a bit to go trough but it is infact on paypal's part.
sleep well pupper Dec 21, 2016 @ 12:21pm 
your friends list is full, can you delete someone?
Lenin Jun 6, 2016 @ 8:00am 
+Rep fast and easy trader i went first
Bot Harambe Jun 6, 2016 @ 7:47am 
+Rep i went first and he sent instant after
Gorilla Pimp Jun 6, 2016 @ 7:34am 
+rep is a trust worthy trader and gives great deals! 10/10 would trade again!
TurtleBoi Jun 5, 2016 @ 10:39am 
+rep fast and nice trader