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As someone who has been playing this game for years and has sunk thousands of hours into it, I can say it's a fun game that can keep you occupied. Problem is that because of Paradox's horrific pricing system all those hours were spent in Singleplayer. This can be a good game and it should be shared between friends but how could I possibly recommend this game with the insane pricetag. "Yeah I play this great game called EU4, you should spend over $200 dollars so we can play it together sometime." I just can't find myself ever saying that to a friend or even a stranger. Don't get me wrong if you've invested in this game and already know you enjoy it then $20-$40 every 4 months for the new expansion isn't the end of the world but until something changes with the pricing system I will not recommend it to any new players looking for a new game to buy, friend or otherwise.

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