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Phosphorus & Sulphurous Collector!
I collect Phosphorus and Sulphurous unusuals! Here's what I've got thus far:
Clean - 1:5 Phosphorous Dr. Dapper's Topper [BP Price: 80 Keys] [backpack.tf]
Clean - 1:2 Phosphorous Familar Fez [BP Price: 72 Keys] [backpack.tf]
Clean - 1:2 Phosphorous Gentleman's Ushanka [BP Price: 70 Keys] [backpack.tf]
Clean - 1:3 Phosphorous Flamboyant Flamenco [BP Price: 65 Keys] [backpack.tf]
Clean - 1:2 Phosphorous Tavish DeGroot Experience [BP Price: 42 Keys] [backpack.tf]
Clean - 1:3 Phosphorous Barnstormer [BP Price: 24 Keys] [backpack.tf]
Clean - 1:4 Sulphurous Front Runner [BP Price: 50 Keys] [backpack.tf]
Duped - 1:3 Sulphurous Officer's Ushanka [BP Price: 40 Keys] [backpack.tf]
Duped - 1:3 Sulphurous Liquidator's Lid [BP Price: 40 Keys] [backpack.tf]
Note that since I collect these effects I don't intend to trade them away!
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Danger Wes B <12 keys pure Apr 24 @ 5:30pm 
why do you go on a trade server if you win't trade any of your stuff lol >_<
¡Sevskii's level up service Apr 22 @ 11:30pm 
Thanks for trading with sevskii's level up service!
+rep if you were killed today, I wouldn't go to your funeral, I'd be in Prison for killing the Motherfucker who killed you.
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....../ `---___________----_____] = = = = = D
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....// (..) ), ----"

Send this GUN to everyone you want to use as a excuse to kill someone!
RadialHail Apr 22 @ 4:58am 
I got your request. Unfourtunantly, I am trade banned for the next 21 years because steam is a bitch about your paypal getting hacked. Thanks for the intersest, but I'm stuck with everything foir the next 2 decades.
Jas S> 3 Unus 22-45 Apr 18 @ 11:01pm 
Omg hai, thank you for accepting me here
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clanta Apr 17 @ 6:55pm 
added to trade