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The day my soul died

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Basic stuff

Team Fortress 2

- Main Engi/Heavy/Medic
- Can play everything outside of sniper
- Favourite Map : cp_yukon/cp_well
- Pyro update is out and I'm already bored lul


- LvL 12 : Scoop/Yuri/Genji/Sentry/Ted/Ksenia/Skree
- 250 win badges : Scoop/Genji/Ksenia/Ted/Clunk


- Want to play an Hammerwatch game? Msg me
- Want to do some Serious Sam Bogus Detour co-op? Msg me
- Want to kick my ass outta the ring in Skullgirls? Msg me
- Want to tag along in R.U.S.E (supposedly Dead game)? Msg me
- Want to tag along in Battlerite? Msg me
- Want to play non Steam game like League of Legend (Preseason is fun), or DevPro? Msg me
- If I'm playing a solo game, that mostly mean I want fresh air, do not disturb.

Unclassified games

- Mario series
- TLOZ series
- Metroid series
- Castlevania series
- Metal gear series
- Sonic series
- Shinobi III
- Kingdom Hearts series
- Shoot'em up (Super aleste and R-type rulez)
- Rune factory series
- Harvest Moon series
- Ace Attorney series
- Shin Megami Tensei series
- Patapon/Locoroco series
- Bioshock 1 and 2
- Dishonored
- Virtua fighter 2
- Double dragon
- Halo series
- Mass effect 1 and 3
- Luminous arc 2
- PvZ : GW
- Soul Sacrifice (Delta)
- Fire Emblem series
- Kirby series

Good ol' times.

About me

Online : Available everytime, if I don't forget to set the absent mention
Absent : AFK
Not Available : Don't want to be disturbed
Want to play / Want to trade : Why the fuck those exist?
Offline : Always Offline, in rare exception, It's possible I'm online under this state.

I tend to play a lot, but at the same open to perform random chats and games. Just Msg me.
If you intend to trade, leave a comment below and I'll maybe consider it.
I can be friendly as much as I can be pissed off, don't think I can take everything easy.

SideNote : salt is something you keep, not something you share

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AwesomeFRauts - Public Group
AwesomeFRauts - Awesomenauts FR
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