Jar Jar Binks
I... I just like games I guess? I've tried plenty of games but TF2 sticks with me somehow. Feel free to add! I don't mind the company.

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Team Fortress 2
More aboot me
Name's Doodersaur, and what a pleasure it is to meet you.

I am a trader.
I do regular trading so I can get my dream unusual- Green Energy Tippler's Tricorne
Trading goals:
1 key -Done
2 keys
5 keys

Demo main in TF2.

A lil salty but hey everyone's salty

I'm currently schooling at a Secondary school.

I like Family Guy, South Park and American Dad.

I don't know I just don't wanna reveal too much of myself

I sexually identify as a four-slotted toaster and saying "Bread" offends me.

I don't favor edgy 12 year olds thinking they are big and stuff and showoffs who brag about crap but lets be honest here no one likes these 2 groups of people right?

I recently cared enough to try and level up my profile.

I have friends

I like McSpicy.

To end on a serious note, I wanna start clean and fresh and be less cancerous (Am I cancerous?) I also did alotta stupid crap last year and I regret

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FoxCoyote Apr 1 @ 10:03pm 
I want to buy all your steam trading cards! I will pay good prices! Add me. I have a great offer for you! :D
Quad Buck Apr 1 @ 9:10pm 
-rep scammer
iRushSites Mar 29 @ 12:31am 
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