Donnie Falcone
Donnie Falcone   United States
Proud Underboss for the Luciano Crime Family

Good Quotes

Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in! - Silvio Dante/Michael Corleone

Were Buisnessmen,Not Murderers - Benny Black

*Runs up to gun shots* Ya Can't Do THIS! - Georgie

I wipe my ass with your feelings - Tony Soprano

You do watch'a told when ya told - Paulie Walnuts


Mob Films/TV Shows

(Favorite to least Favorite)


Godfather Part 1

Godfather Part 2


Bronx Tale


American Gangster


The Departed

Once upon a time in America



Mean Streets

Godfather Part 3

(Next Film) - Donnie Brasco



Made in America

Boardwalk Empire(S:1)

Inside the American Mob

Best Gmod Mobsters
Not in order from favorite

James Gambino

Vincent Caleno

Michael Martono

Hyman Horowitz

Benny Black

Johnny Genoveese

Vincent Falcone

Vito Gan

Nathanial Kray

Joe De Rose

Vincent Lakes

Michael Francesco

Salvatore Lupertazzi

Vincent Luciano

Vito Massaro

Joe Mondia

Top 3 Dons:

Vincent Caleno

Hyman Horowitz

James Gambino

Favorite "Fake" Mobster: Paulie Gualtieri

Favorite "Real" Mobster: John Gotti

Waiting for Identity!

My Favorite Crime Families

I've been in over 20(DarkRP, MafiaRP, etc)

The Gambino Crime Family (Caporegime)
The Commission (Caporegime)
The Combination (Associate)
The Caleno Crime Family Caporegime/Underboss/Don)
The Massaro Crime Family (Caporegime)]
The Falcone Crime Family (Don)
The Romano Crime Family (Don)
The Gotti Crime Family (Don)
The Corleone Crime Family Made-Man
The Russian Mafia (Underboss)
The Luciano Crime Family Consigliere
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Donnie Falcone Jun 12 @ 10:13pm 
Benjamin"Beagle"Black Mar 2 @ 1:28pm 
Were Buisnessmen,Not Murderers-Benny Black 2k17
Jake "Joliet" Blues Mar 1 @ 9:21am 
Good Guy.