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Tampa, Florida, United States
<VoiDeD> you're a cool guy and you make cool things

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Handy Links
- Send a Trade Offer
- TradeRep Profile[www.traderep.org]
- Bazaar.tf Trades[bazaar.tf]
- TF2 Backpack[backpack.tf]
- Personal Website[www.doctormckay.com]

Tech Support and Private Plugins
I don't do tech support for publicly released stuff via Steam chat. Post in the appropriate thread. I am not currently taking private plugin requests.

My Trades
I'm not selling anything unless it's on page 1 of my backpack or in a Bazaar/reddit/Outpost trade, so don't ask. This includes my unusuals.

I developed and administrate TradeRep[www.traderep.org]. If you have been issued a reputation tag by a community that is not TradeRep or FirePowered, I can't help you to get it removed. You'll need to contact the appropriate community. For general help with TradeRep, please submit a support request[www.traderep.net]. To appeal a FirePowered reputation tag, visit the reputation tag appeals forum[firepoweredgaming.com].

FirePowered Issues
I'm one of the Head Admins and owners at FirePowered[firepoweredgaming.com]. Please DO NOT ADD ME about a cheater/hacker/rule-breaker or if you want to be unbanned. Type !report to notify the admins about a cheater/hacker/rule-breaker, or submit a ban request on the FirePowered forums. If you want to be unbanned, submit an unban request on the FirePowered forums.

Useless Adds
If you're adding me as a friend just for the sake of having a longer friends list, don't bother. I only keep people on my friends list that I actually have a reason to talk to.

If you must add me, leave a profile comment saying what you want to make it more likely that I won't ignore your request, especially if your profile is private.
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|#Scout#| ∏Boba∏ Apr 9 @ 7:18pm 
hey accept my friend request i wanna buy some of dem unusuals!
you're a cool guy and you make cool things
Eoj Charlie Feb 18 @ 10:29am 
Added regarding TradeRep
Fire ̷̨●̷̨°<away> Feb 13 @ 5:41pm 
you're a cool guy and you make cool things
√oidy Feb 13 @ 3:43am 
you're a cool thing and you make cool guys
√oidy Feb 7 @ 10:46pm 
Dr. McKay [Is the doctor in?]
Please check my 5.
Thank you ~voided
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