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DirtyVenom / Alex ÂceRosin   New Hampshire, United States
Smooth Jazz will be deployed in 3... 2... 1...
Smooth Jazz
Profile picture is always done by someone else, unless it comes from Garry's mod, as I'm not an artist.

After you adding me you may get a message asking "How can I help you?" which translates to "Why did you add me?"

I'm a metalhead that loves offensive humor, I curse constantly, I'm a pervert, I'm a neo-nazi that doesn't agree with the holocaust, because killing people because of something as useless as religion is fucking dumb, no matter who you are. and I'm a furry, obviously.

Don't like it? Well, that's fine. I understand some people have negative opinions that I can't change, and everyone has the right to their own opinions. All I ask is that people don't harrass me because of simply liking something that doesn't affect them.

Just some moron that semi-professionally makes gmod screenshots.
I make Hexes, which are basically Garry's mod models made off an original model, prices are in my artwork.


Bitte add mich nur wenn du gut Englisch sprechen kannst.
Thank you JD.Horx for German translation!

только на английском языке, пожалуйста.
Thank you Colonel Breeky for Russian translation!

No me agregues si no sabes hablar ingles correctamente
Thank you Denis for Spanish translation!

Le do thoil, suimiú liom nuair atá gramadach maith agat
Thank you Jake/swagmanbillybob for Irish translation!

Je ne parle pas français.
Google translate!

I tend to be bluntly honest at times, this may be considered rude.

I don't trade.

My FA that I almost never use because I'm not an artist.

Please don't add me "Just to be friends" and then never talk to me, it's rude, y'know.

Most played games:
Garry's mod [Mostly screenshots.]
War Thunder [Tier IV Germany]
KSP [Kerbals.. In... Spaaaaace.]
Space Engineers [I can't build ships worth a damn.]
For Honor [DEUS VULT]

Most of which I suck at, which is sad, considering I like playing them a lot. I own a Discord, drop on by.

Family from another family/Closest friends

My fellow Nazi friend that I've counted as a brother from another from somewhere around the first day I found out he also liked the Reich. Sieg heil!

Panther brother that's talked me out of suicide plenty of times. If it wasn't for him, I would be dead.

Dragon brother from another mother, that's always there when I need him.
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+rep served in the marines
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kill me
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QUQ We shall rise
Like Hitler
Not Hitler
Cos he bad
We ain't
Rise in a good way-

O-okay forget I said anything.
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we gotz 2 play tankz boy
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life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved.
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n0, P0t4to