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Years-old chat logs:

3:55 PM - Javi7oh!: but it would be cool to make like an spy, (tf2 stereotype) that can enter your ship and hack it
3:55 PM - Gentlefish: I preordered two days ago.
3:55 PM - [Muse] awkm: wampbit: that's a question for bubbles but he aint here now :(
3:55 PM - Gentlefish: A spy, not AN spy.
3:55 PM - [Muse] awkm: an hero?
3:55 PM - Der Dutchman: Grammar Fish

8:38 PM - Datch: Tuco is a great man
8:38 PM - Datch: When he's not having a bad day
8:39 PM - Datch: Or a great day
8:39 PM - Datch: Or a normal day

8:05 PM - LadyJill: can i pweeeeeeeaaaaseeee buy your medic background?
8:06 PM - Gentlefish: Hm... Alright. Do you have 2 reclaimed? I think I payed a ref for it and a trading card, so... yeah.
8:06 PM - LadyJill: is that all you want is 2 rec?
8:06 PM - LadyJill has accepted your request to trade.
8:07 PM - Gentlefish: Yup.
8:07 PM - LadyJill: omgadkfjadkjfsa i luv you 5 ever
8:07 PM - Gentlefish: xD I appreciate it.
8:08 PM - LadyJill: im screaming right now
8:08 PM - LadyJill: its so beautiful
8:08 PM - LadyJill: now im crying

12:09 PM - [Pn'] Gentlefish: They got a second Total War character. :P
12:10 PM - [Pn'] Chuckles of Duckington: I'm going to find the SEGA headquarters
12:10 PM - [Pn'] Chuckles of Duckington: and show them what "Arson" means
12:10 PM - [Pn'] Gentlefish: xD

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