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Hm hmm... Kermit's a damn bitch. Kermit's a god damn motherfuckin', goddamn motherfuckin' heffa ass son of a goddamn bitch. Sick of yo' god damn ass, tellin' me some god damn lies, when you see me on goddamn I-10. Get the fuck out of my goddamn face, get yo' goddamn ass home, I'll stick yo' goddamn ass like glue. Pervert ass son of a bitch, tractor trailer son of a goddamn bitch. Take yo' ass home! Take yo' ass home! Krispy Kreme donut bastard. Frog ass bastard. Bring yo ass here, this stick right here will whoop yo' ass. BOOM BOOM BOOM Beat yo' goddamn ass till you can't sit down. Beat yo goddamn ass. I'll Teach you a goddamn lesson, Kermit, teach old frog ass son of a bitch. Always got to take it out on goddamn me. I'm sick of all this goddamn motherfuckin' shit, always tellin' yo' goddamn motherfuckin' lies, yo' tellin some goddamn lies on motherfuckin' me. I'll whopp yo' goddamn motherfuckin' goddamn ass, pervert ass goddamn motherfuckin' bastard. Frog ass Kermit, old son of a goddamn bitch. You ain't a goddamn one. Talk about you see me on goddamn I-10

and always try to play that banjo,and be on my ha, ha, ha-ha. Godamn!! Hahahahaha. Jesus take the wheel!! Goddamn!! I swear to goddamn god, every time he turn around, there's a kermit goin around talking about he's seen me on goddamn I-10. I got something for his goddamn ass, rollin his eyes like a goddamn ass, what he got in the goddamn motherfuckin' basket? lil kids stuff we bought from goddamn GoodWill. Yes, yes! Little kids ain't gonna stop me. Kermit, don't you fuckin' stop me! Don't fucking stop me. I swear to goddamn god! I'll bust you ass in yo nuts, you nutty ass bitch, nutty ass frog bastard, you a nutty ass frog bastard, I'll whoop yo ass till you can't sit down, all yo goddamn childish shit witch you playin. This isn't sesame street no more. This is church street. Sick of yo' goddamn childish shit anyway, always trying to blame it on other people, and talk about you always gettin' mad, talking about, hmm? goddamn Poke your mouth like a woman's ass. Yes, poke your mouth like a woman's ass. Goddamn!! Just stop it!! Hahahahahaha! Goddamn! Kelly Thompson, What in the world! Ah Kermit ass, you dumb ass. Ah, Kermit's a dumbass, I swear! Kermit's got to quit his goddamn shit! Why, I'd go ham on his ass; push him on a bicycle, and I would bust his ass like glue, and then his ass, stank ass while stink like goddamn glue.

I will put him out like glue. Uh huh. ~Kermit's a bitch! Hmm huh, I'll stick his ass like glueeee! I'll bust hiss ass like glueeee!!! Hmmm I'll go nut in his his ass like gluee!!~ I'll talk about beating the fresh out of his ass like glue, bitch I ain't worried about, I know my girl pussy on those nuts. You want to know, naw. It ain't none of yo' goddamn motherfuckin' business. So don't spray yo' goddamn motherfuckin' business, no goddamn motherfuckin' body else. Old pervert old frog lookin ass. I will makin faces like. mmm Like drinkin the iced tea. like somebody comin at his ass. I wish something, I wish a damn Charnay would make him throw up, make him shit on his own damn self to goddamn death. Like what, like what, like Pepto Bismol. Cherry Pepto Bismol! Yes lord! I'll bust my balls, I'll bust yo' balls, Kermit! I'll bust some or yo' damn balls! I swear to god, don't ever come near my balls, don't fuck with me. Don't you fuck with me! Don't you fuck with me! I swear to goddamn god I'll go ham on yo' goddamn ass with this goddamn stick! Come one, I'll bust you up in yo' goddamn ear, I'll bust yo' face with a goddamn stick, how low can you be Kermit? Old goddamn ugly ass, tractor trailer lookin ass, old John Deer motherfuckin' tractor looking goddamn ass, ol cotton pickin truck looking goddamn ass. Always tryin to show how bad yo' ass is, you are bad. You're a soft ass son of a bitch, a goddamn motherfuckin' pillow. Take yo' ass on somewhere, sit yo goddamn ass down. Broke down heffer bitch! you got a heffer ass, a goddamn hippopotamus bitch,old toad frog come in there all goddamn swamp like, swamp people - oh shit,

I'll cough my stuff up, I ain't doin CPR, I ain't doin CPR SHUT UP, I don't do no CPR - come out hear you talking, shut yo' ass up, Kermit, shit, old, old pee, old Toyota Camry looking ass. Hell nah, you ain't gettin' on my goddamn shirt, you ain't stealing my goddamn clothes, you ain't stealing my goddamn - where you going? I'll beat yo' ass and take yo' shit! Yes, I am. Old Toyota Avalon looking goddamn ass, all putt putt putt all the way goddamn down the road. Retarded ass got a goddamn special class. breath Smell like old ass from the damn Thomasville land fill. Wash yo' goddamn ass, nigga! I'll cut yo' goddamn motherfuckin' ass on! Bust yo' damn brains out! Take yo' ass home! How many times I tell you, it's none of yo' goddamn business! None of my business my motherfuckin' ass! Obey these business, these goddamn nuts! Take yo' ass home, Kermit! Old fuck ass, goddamn old Toyota Tundra ass! I'd like to say something I'd like to say something, I'd like to say something about Kermit! Sick of his goddamn ass, 3800 ass, goddamn son of a bitch ass frog, old thot water ass frog, nasty water frog. Oh, what he is, is a nasty water frog bastard. mmm Yeah, I'll say it again - is he mad or motherfuckin' goddamn no! is he mad or goddamn motherfuckin' no!? Answer me goddamn what im goddamn askin yo ass.

You don't like what I say? Get the fuck out of my goddamn face, you better get the fuck out of my face nigga. That stick, I ain't goddamn playing with. I'm so sick of yo' goddamn shit! We'll be whoppin no ass here, and I'll take yo' ass out! I'm sick of this! I'm sick of this!! Sick of what Kermit done did... talkin about, this ain't any none of his business because he's just some met on goddamn I-75, or Highway 82, what I do is my goddamn motherfuckin' business! I ride my bike where ever I goddamn fucking go. You acting like you so damn retarded for no damn reason. Get the fuck on out of my goddamn face, I'm not like these pussy ass niggas, god, I ain't like these pussy ass niggas - none of yo' business - fuck, none of yo' business, my motherfuckin' ass! Take yo' ass home!! Kermit, frog, a frog ugly ass from a swamp from a movie called Swamp Peoples, yes, ol ugly ass frog from the movie Swamp Peoples. I'm not these pussy ass niggas. I goddamn swear to god, oh you goddamn frog ass, ah, you goddamn pouring my face, I'll go ham on a tractor ass frog! I'll choke him out!! AHHH!! I'll choke his ass out of here! Get yo' goddamn ass out of here! Ugly ass frog! AAWWW BOOM Take yo' ass down. Not like these pussy ass niggas, frog, Kermit, I'm not like these pussy ass niggas. I'm not like these pussy ass goddamn niggas, I say! Get the fuck out of my face. Not like these pussy ass niggas. I am gone!!!!

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Percy Technic
Shut your fucking 3rd world nigger mouth

u/0zone0ne - Today at 5:20 AM
at least I'm not a shitshovelling cumwipe like you

╟?╢The Unknown╟?╢ 14 minutes ago
You will die for what you have done.

💖Mrs.Cloverleaf🐻| AWAY 25 minutes ago
Mess with me again and my boyfriend will kick your ass, including Unknown's friends

Czarpos - Today at 6:41 AM
Fuck you you piece of retarded junk dilly. Hope your parents die


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