F F   Erlangen, Bayern, Germany
22:40 - Hildreth: I just realised I am the Van Gaal of Highlander
22:40 - Hildreth: Best team in league - take them to 4th


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4. Place ETF2L Premiership with Highpander in Season 10 Highlander
1. Place ETF2L High Tier with Meagkillerz in Season 8 Highlander
3. Place UGC Platinum Highlander with Fiddle eSports in Season 13
1. Place ETF2L Division 6F with Blistered Shiver in Season 4

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Head Organiser of DeutschLan:
Getting admins to leave TF2C :^)


"me and foungi have a connection, man. he like jumpes in and misses everything. but it's great i love it." - Carlotso25

"You mustn't judge yourself, that's what the internet is for." - Craig Ferguson

"Grenade Launcher - protects a shitload of freedom" - Shameless US S4E8

11:49 - CeeJaey: 10:49 - goreston: I think you'll find my response to be both more eloquent and less meme-filled than whatever tripe you managed to get out of foungi

Wiethoofd : I'll do a !pit here because foungi just got destroyed by it on blackoutgamingtv2 bogHL

Raptor : foungi still sucks, this didnt change my opinion

Blooddrunk: Thanks to foungi for your chest hair, it really turned me on <3

[BS] foungi1: how big's your room?
[BS] foungi1: squaremeters ;)
[BS] TwoKinds: ouhh
[BS] TwoKinds: ehh.. xD
[BS] TwoKinds: I dont know lol. I suck with squaremeters..
[BS] TwoKinds: ehh..
[BS] TwoKinds: I'd say it is as big as map room on badwater lol

r.e.m.: "i gotta play with myself every day"
r.e.m.: "je suis très horny"

Hammock: i guess RED didnt have mushroom for foungi

My narcissism should be encouraged not looked down upon.

<NUT> Mr. Palmsky: [...] also süße träume schatz ba ba bussi bussi

foungi: hi. just wanted to inform you that i'm joining chessclub's roster. they don't have a main demo and i merced for them a few times.they need me more than stacked atm. hope you're cool with it. i can ofc still merc
Fri Nov 11 2016
b33p -st- no i'm not cool with it. dude we play against them this week. you're helping them beat us, that really sucks. what you're doing really sucks.


lovely people:
blizz (thanks for the unusual mate <3)

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Happy birthday bro! Better be taking it easy tho not too easy 8) How else do you get pissed outta your head? Love ya :*
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Eyyy happy birthday my Funkie!! May your hangover be mild!
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This guy cooks some mean steaks
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I owe you 1 key
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