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Better Read this, life is going easier for both of us.
Leave me a comment, tell me what you want or I will ignore your invite.
Saw the amount of groups I'm in?Take a guess why the amount is under average
You can beg, you can scam, you can sacrifice a fierce goat for me but you will never get free Games, items or hugs.

You want my B.M.O.C? You have to visit and punch me to death to get it.

Lets hope you where able to understand.
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I'm the Boss of the Saints
Stil Water
Life before the Saints:
...who cares who I was before I joined the Saints? As kid i spent my time killing people in the fresh air while other where playing violent video games indoor.
My father always used to say, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em... and then betray them in a horrible murder orgy" He wasn't a bad dad, he made me fight the dogs for food.
My Saint Family:
Johnny Gat: He is the Awe in my some, the guy who is always there to rescue me, who never gets tired of my Ideas! When the devil himself would take me as hostage to hell, Johnny would jump in and Gat me out of Hell!
Pierce Washington: He could kill your beloved mum and find an excuse, afterwards you will apologize for the bad behavior your Mum had and hope he will stay as your friend.. He makes "plans" that nobody can survive, except me!
Shaundi: Did you know that Shaundi was once..you know.. oh wait no Shaundi I'm not talking.... Benjamin King: I'm not telling you anything guys!
Franklyn Nyte: A whiny guy, like Shaundi when she was..Shit, Pierce where did she get the gun?RUN PIERCE RUUN!
Zimos: You should totally see the video Pierce recorded while we rescued him.
Keith David: : My Vice! My second Johnny Gat! He did everything for me, betrayed me, teamed up with me again, look at his face, how could I not trust and forgive him?
Kinzie Kensington: A nerd girl with the force only a nerd woman can have, an angel in law, better not mess with her, or she posts your Private stuff on the internet or deletes things..I was not forced to say this by Kinzie and she is not scarring the shit out of me but man she can make my space rocket fly when you know what I mean. Hey Kinzie NO please, don't delete My Saintsflow Farm Frenzy I will do whatever you say! KINZIE!!!
Asha Odekar: Every time I try to tell how Asha is, something hits my neck and I wake up naked on a street. Well this is my last try, Asha is ahezjeihvfklm,.
Oleg Kirlov: Man this guy lifts cars,eats trucks and is very handsome in suits.He hates his Oleg baby's, its a deep hate, the last Oleg clone he found is a gully cover near our Headquarter.
Carlos Mendoza : My Third lieutenant, a boy who helped me when I was wounded and in jail after Julius tried to kill me. Tortured and murdered by Jessica. I took brutal Revenge and let the Brotherhood pay for this!

My Job:
Get out of Hell, Kill Satan and do some Saint.. Wait.. What do you mean Johnny and Kinzie add on only? I'm not in? But without me the game is just..No..no.NO! Look Pierce what do you mean with everyone wants to play Johnny? Than make it with Johnny and ME! Why Kinzie? Wait she did what? You got a Poster of her? Wow, OK I have to go and check this picture for further..Examination.Still gonna have a long conversation with deep Silver!
What I like:
Beating aliens to death, Saving humanity,again...and Again. Running naked through the City, letting it hang. Eating Pancakes(fucking love them), Jumping from a Plane to kill people and shoot the Cockpit Window open to jump into the same plane again murdering the rest of them to fly out with a new and fresh parachute.(ha are you able to do this? I wouldn't bet on it either!) Destroying stuff with the Tank! Using the Dupsteb Gun, Asking the Stilwater Shark for some help.

What i hate:
Loosing Carlos(i will never forget you!), Saving humanity, again... and again.. Getting chased by police for ramming them while the police kills nearly halve stilwater to get me. Hooker Assassins,Eating Pancakes (fuck you Zinyak!) Zinyak kidnapped Johnny not me! Cheats, I'm a cheat on my own, don't need more! You! Thinking i cannot understand I'm living in a PC world, wait until I'm out of it i will beat you to death!

Wisdom of the whatever

My PC Specs
Processor:Intel 2 hamster core wheel
GPU: Vodoo 3
RAM: 64 MB
Storage: 1 GB Hard disk
Motherboard: From Aldi
Power Supply: 1 Cable
Case: None!
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I recommend this game,
So what happened in Stilwater since we took over it defeated Killbane, his henchman and made Stilwater to an independent state?? I became the President of the United States of America! Was about time!
Then the stupid Aliens came and this Zinyak guy prisoned us in a Matrix world, forcing me to eat Pancakes and live a normal life. Man he could have given me a Killing simulator or that kind. So flying with our own Spaceship, having brutal sex with everyone in my team.. Yes I tried it with everyone..Who cares? When the world is at an end we had,you try everything!
What can you expect in my new Adventure? Super powers! I'm faster than the Flash, stronger than Superman, I can Fly like the Black dude from Prototype and kill people with my mind like Dr. Xavier. hmm? What's Pierce? Xavier cannot kill people with his mind? I can for sure! Welcome a world with the Glitch gun, I miss the Saints street shark, or The Dupstep gun. Man there is nothing better than aliens dancing while they die. The only problem in this world? I miss the cars, yes! Why driving when you can run faster than everything else in this world? No need for all of this I'm the bringer of Death without weapons or Vehicle. The enemy's seem strong but I miss the personality. Kiki and Viola had great ideas as enemy's, hooker Assassins, we have them still on contract and they are a surprising hit at every party we send them! But here they are just simple stupid mindless virtual aliens. Oh did you heard selling DLC's is a crime? Yes it is but I don't give a Saint, so buy the Century Edition and make your government proud! Meet me in Saints Row 4!
Leader of the Saints OUT!
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Vittorio Scaletta Oct 14 @ 4:20pm 
I'd like to have a fellow Saint's Row fan in my list
Kann ich in deine FL weil, ich mehr "high level" als "Freund" haben will, und weil ich das mit dem Giveaway ziemlich korrekt finde! ;)
Ich würde mich freuen wenn du meine Anfrage annehmen würdes! :D
Til's Comment History Oct 3 @ 4:09am 
RaZeShadow Sep 30 @ 4:27pm 
Iserlohn ist auch ein nettes Örtchen aber auf Dauer naja :D
Diana679 Sep 23 @ 10:49am 

ωιsн үσυ α ωση∂εяғυℓ ωεεкεη∂
Gin the Cat Sep 19 @ 2:29am 
time to sleep >:(