Yes, yes, welcome!
Sometimes I clear my friendlist so feel free to add me back, wont remove you 2nd time unless you are someone that I dont get along with.

Multiclasser but originally heavy main.
One of the heavy mains that prefers less dying and medic deaths instead of huge damage. Additional reason why my rank is bad as heavy is that I usually play against stacks as my main.
I talk alot because I like to talk. I dont trade much for 3 years already. If I got mad at you in a lobby, dont take it personal because probabaly I played the class that depends too much on teamwork like heavy.

Heavy>Med>Engi>Soldier(soldier is op)>Pyro>Spy
At iron/steel level as demo, scout and sniper

Scout is a class where almost every guy has talented aim while in midair
Soldier is a class for guys that want to get ez kills and damage output
Pyro is a class that has hidden secrets like using shotgun while other spy is running spycicle
A good demoman knows who to spam at the right time
A good heavy is not the one that overextends and deals massive damage but the one that stands on the ground and frightenes your enemy.
A good engi is paying attention to having a sentrygun up all the time.
A good medic is basically a guy that knows how to survive and who to focus on healing while others are taking some fights.
A good sniper is getting atleast 300dpm every game
A good spy is the guy who knows when to use knife and gun and doesnt run amby all the time by thinking he is the prem spy like toast.

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I hate this guy, but you can only love him over all that hate right? :)
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head uut aastat
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Hey happy new year , may i ask why did you removed me?
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Merry Christmas! :)
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Good heavy, has good placement to avoid spies.