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Raven the Raven from Raven Aug 2 @ 4:07pm 
I'm sorry to say but I feel you have really went too far with all the "autistic" comments. Implying all autistic people are unable to do fuck all. I am asperger which makes me classified "autistic". I mean I have heard it said many times before, and it doesn't bother me and I usually laugh along completely unoffended, but in this instance of you just calling anything and everything stupid just autistic, when most autistic people aren't as stupid as the shit you are comparing them to is insulting.
Zimmer Jun 9 @ 1:51pm 
+rep, skilled player
golden eaglet Jan 15 @ 6:01pm 
yo, i have a min wear strange unusual pro ks smg. if interested hit me up
Th3 Pr1nc3 | FUCKED WRIST Nov 23, 2016 @ 7:03pm 
Added to discuss a trade
Wingmom Nov 17, 2016 @ 6:29pm 
Ok I know this may seem weird but i am allergic to furries and the reason why i can't stand raccoons is cause my brother and his mates made me watch furry porn when i was 14, and that is why i find raccoons to be gross and disgusting

Alot of people have said to me "you should try having a raccoon cause it is so fun" to other furries it is, but to me it's not,

Being exposed to furry porn at the age of 14 was not good at all for me

I'm not actually "allergic" to raccons, I just get very queasy, pale and nauseous in the stomach and I throw up

I blame my brother and his mates for this

When I was 12yrs old my mother was at a friends house in Glasgow and I went as well and the friends 32yr scottish furryfag was playing a furry game and I went In to see what he was playing and then he locked his room and it turned out that it was Deox
morty Oct 18, 2016 @ 12:27pm 
also do you have any recordings of yourself going full nuts with it?