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And lord of lemons there for Praise the sun!

FIRE IS NOT A HAT! - (always remember that!)

Remember you have to put "n stuff " after everything you say only then can you completly understand the meaning of life that or become part of a pack of highly trained super bananas n stuff.

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▒▐█▄█▀ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ░▀░ ▀░▀ <----- Thats me the one and only
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Xbox LIVE: Delta623 - (Battlefield 3/4, Borderlads 2, Destiny, etc)
PSN: KrimsonKF - (Destiny, Black ops 3, Bloodbrone)
Origin: TechTheManKeegan - (Battlefield 4,Star wars battlefront)
Friend code: 2767-1750-4320 (Pkmn Alpha sapphire, Y)
Lest we forget Whapford "Whap" Goblin 2015-2016 "It's whappin' time!" GameGrumps Dead Rising: Afternoon stroll - part 36. He was the greatest one of them all.
The history of lemontopia in E minor:

The kindgom of lemontopia was created to establish order in the kingdom of fruits for the lemons are the almighty fruit unlike those green rejects the limes. Anyways it began with the animals wanting to have the power to themselves, the beavers decided it was time to take action and built nukes out of wood but the deer aught on to this and counter attacked by making their own nukes to defend themselves from on coming attacks so the two wared on gaining alliences till it was a bloody battlefield. But that wasn't the end the sea kingdom and the damn birds wanted to control the world too and joined the war of the free for all that had broken out, the war raged on for many years til on day the unexpected champions arrived and brought juctice from the fruit kingdom the lemons! And they delivered swift death to all thtat cross thier path long wiht the other citrus kingdoms they obliterated the animal, sea and birds and took the botched nukes from themselves as spoils of war. But as one battle ended another was to arise, the limes who were greedy and got the idea to rule the world well the lemons and other fruits weren't going to let that happen and quickly crushed the limes!. now every october 21st we remember and give thanks to the brave lemons that proteted the land and have brought peace to the world. Prais the lemons! Praise the lord!

-Written,thought of and directed on the spot by Me! But not edited or grammared that wasn't part of the deal either!
coming soon Hamlet 5: Romeo and space Jesus vs The mighty morphing power rangers and the smashing pumpkins mega all star smash down. 03/30/3996

Some great songs n stories with dong: Written by me and firends.

1. Twas the night before Dongmas, and all the through house not a creature was stiring.. Except for my Dong! The Dongstockings were all well-hung by the chimney with care, in hope that St. Nickldong soon would be there. Instead in the chimney a voice did cry; "make way for the dong! It's sure to inhale!" It was Keegan, had finally arrived sadly he was late and it was now new years eve, Tyler did scream, and Vicki through a punch. Indy did laugh and Ryan joined in. Chris was in awe while the clock stuck midnight, the new year was hear and Keegan did cry; Merry Dongmas to all! And to all a happy new year!

2. Remember remember the dong of november, the gunpowder treason and the dong; i know of no inhalement why the expanded dong should ever be inhaled! Guy fawkes and his companions did the dong inhaling, to blow the king and parliament all to much. Threescore dongs laid below to prove old dongs overthrow. But by God's dong him they inhaled with a darl lantern inhaling a dong. A stick and a dong for king james dong. If you won't give me one I'll inhale two, the better for me and dong for you. A rope a rope to hang the dong, a pennorth of dong to choke him, and a pint of beer to inhale it down and a jolly good inhale to burn him. Inhale boys! Inhale boys! Make the bell ring inhale boys! Inhale boys! God save the dong! Hip hip hooray!
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Merry to the Christmasses
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I do...mostly?
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