Massachusetts, United States
Arrowtongue64: where the hell's adgerman
Another Kitten: hell
Arrowtongue64: he is in his own anus
Another Kitten: same
Arrowtongue64: me too
Another Kitten: its getting pretty crowded in there
Arrowtongue64: wait are we all in our own anus or all in adgerman's anus
Another Kitten: i was thinking the latter but either one is alright
Arrowtongue64: don't want to mess up the rp ofc
Another Kitten: what rp this is for real
Arrowtongue64: oh
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Team Fortress 2
Hello! I'm Arrowtongue64
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I'm 13 (age)

Best Friends: Adgerman24 (Gone for a While) , Eyes Can Roll / Another Kitten , Boss Cipher% , Cpt. Edward and Vanvanderson , also Mini Mubin is my Yiff Buddy~

Quotes from friends
The quote section from my profile got deleted

but why

People who have quotes here: Eyes, Mini Mubin, Boss, Dr. Venuz, Vanvanderson
Go further down for quotes from Adgerman

New Begining:
"God, I want erect not stretched" Eyes can Roll 2:29 AM 9/25/16
"what can i say? Fat guys listen" Boss Cipher% 4:22 PM 10/5/16
"just have a spider laying around for when the time comes,just be sure it doesn't go inside of the vagina." Boss Cipher% 10/24/16 (I lost the time ffs)
"I wish there was a world history class for the history of memes" Eyes can Roll 10/24/16 9:04 PM
"The bank is closed, come back again" Eyes can Roll 10/30/16 4:54 PM
"I call bottom, so I can dip down" Eyes can Roll 10/30/16 4:58 PM
"I'm so sorry for instinctively bombing the hole, I mean filling it" Eyes can Roll 10/30/16 5:02 PM
"Fun Fap," *laughing* "I meant to say fun fact but it came out as fun fap" Eyes can Roll 10/30/16 5:10 PM
"I don't want to say any more quotable things, because I don't want more than a five streak on your profile" Followed by "I was going to say, I fell through the anus of death" Eyes can Roll 10/30/16 5:17 PM
"That was DEFINITELY more wet than I expected" Eyes can Roll 11/19/16 Eyes can Roll
"It's ringo, the gecko movie" Eyes can Roll 11/10/16 (no time)
"Money can buy you anything, even DEATH" Eyes can Roll 11/12/16 2:45 PM
"Chuck comes up to you and says "Ima pound your ass like I did my moms"" Dr. Venuz 11/14/16 10:36 PM
"I just realized... I just stole someones nipples" Eyes can Roll 12:17 AM 11/24/16
"when the master baits!" Eyes can Roll 4:25 AM 11/24/16
"Knock knock! WHY?! " Eyes can Roll 4:36 AM 11/24/16
"Why did the chicken cwoss the woad? because he wan out of w's" Eyes can Roll 4:39 AM 1/24/16 (Note: this had me and adgerman dying for like a whole minute because eyes didn't insantly realise his fuck up and then he realised a second later and started laughing too)
"The memer, eat spicy goodness, SHIT " 4:38 AM Eyes can Roll 11/24/16
"my only chirstmas wish is to see a midget in a wheelchair" 7:02 PM Dr. Venuz 12/16/16
"yiffsmas is a go i guess" 9:03 PM Eyes can Roll 12/21/16
(to me) "When was the first time you've had your period?" 4:06 PM Boss Cipher% 1/27/17
"ive never seen adgerman and hitler in the same room before, coincidence?" 8:46 PM Eyes can Roll 1/27/17
"God praise the lord!" Mini Mubin (Dear christ I do not have the date)
"So I was watching a Resident Evil playthrough and I really needed to scratch my dick and there was also a fetus on the screen and I really didn't want to scratch my dick while that was there" 5:20 PM Eyes can Roll 3/15/17
"Kawii =3" (no exact time) Mini Mubin 3/28/17
"You know how white people turn purple when you suffocate them? What about black people?" 3:07 PM Eyes Can Roll 4/1/17
"Who's that random person over there, I want to go up to them and rape them" (No time) Mini
Mubin 4/11/17
"they grow up so fats,*sniff*" Boss Cipher% 2:57 PM 5/1/17
"WAIT WHY ARE YOU A BLACK CHICK?" Mini Mubin 11:15 PM 5/3/17
(to me) "I started drawing you with a feminine figure, I am so sorry" Mini Mubin 12:20 AM 5/5/17
"I like to think of Mercy as a Thicc Dicc Chicc" Eyes can Roll 9:04 PM 5/6/17
*In bird voice* CA-CANCER CA-CANCER Mini Mubin 10:48 PM 5/8/17
"Fed..Fet-Fetus-Ex. We'll delivery" Mini Mubin 11:06 AM 5/10/17
""Just spill it?'' You want me to spill the beans?? Well you just GOT beaned" Eyes can Roll 3:31 AM 5/13/17
"Do you know the picture of the small black child being strangled?" Eyes can Roll 5:27 PM 5/25/17
"If you're wondering what that pain was... SEARING pain just shot through my urethra" Eyes can Roll 9:43 PM 6/24/17
"I now have a lit ass cardboard ha- oh shit *falling cardboard noises and banging* I no longer have a lit ass cardboard hat" Eyes can Roll 4:25 AM 6/25/17
*says awful joke* (I said the joke) *a lot of laughing* (Eyes was laughing) "I almost punched myself in the dick because of that" Eyes can Roll 1:32 AM 6/28/17
"You know what also happens naturally? Miscarrages." Eyes can Roll 2:39 AM 7/8/17
"You ever bite your bottom lip when you're doing something naughty " Vanvanderson 10:14 PM 8/3/17

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