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I don't usually counter offers. Feel free to reoffer tho.
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You know what's sad? I've gotten more unusuals out of graded crates than Elite grades. (Only ever gotten Snowmann. Unboxed two Unusual Universal Translators and an unusual brain candy pistol.)

Unbox Milestones!:
Unbox an Unusual DONE!
Unbox an Unusual Weapon DONE!
Unbox an Unusual Taunt/Unusualfier
Unbox a Strange Unusual
Unbox a 1-of-a-kind Item
Unbox an Unusual Misc
Unbox 10 Unusuals (Current: 6)
Unbox Purple Energy Pyromancer's Mask (Dream Unusual)

Current Unboxes (In order of trash to incredibly awesome):
Killawatt Boltcage
Nuts N' Bolts Das Ubersternmann
Galactic Codex Universal Translator
Circling Peace-Sign Toy Soldier
Magnetic Hat Protector Universal Translator

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