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CPU: Intel Core I7 4790 3.6 ghz Quad core
GPU: Nvidia GTX 970 4gb
RAM: 16 ddr3 GB
MOBO: Msi MS-7918
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Case: Cooler Master 690 III

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*Note: This game was posted 1 week after it got released I will not be updating my review for any future updates.*

"No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy"

That is what this game was supposed to be a game with an amazing galaxy which you could explore with loads of features which were promised.
But in reality we got a game that is all about grinding.

You start of with a crashed space ship on a planet, you will have to find resources to repair your ship, which is a relatively easy task unless you spawned on a planet with almost no resources which was my case.
After you finished that you can finally explore the "infinite procedurally generated galaxy" but after around 10 hours of gameplay you will realise that the "infinite galaxy" with "endless possibilities" doesn't really have "endless possibilities" especially with the planets.
When you played the game and paid attention to details you will know there are only a few types of planets: "water planets with a few islands, extreme planets, ice planets, dead rocks with no form of life and plants, hot planets and planets with a lot of flora and fauna".
all of these types of planets for example two different ice planets all have very similar flora and fauna which gives you a feeling that you already explored that planet while you didn't.

Once you saved up enough for a new space ship, buying your first space ship is very exciting you get excited you are hoping for a faster ship, you want to rename your ship as they promised in the trailer, you hope you will have cool weapons for your ship.
But after flying for a couple of minutes you will realise that your ship functions the same as your first ship, there is no different speed in any of the space ships, you don't have ships optimized for combat, trading or exploring which was also promised you can't even rename your ship which was of course also promised.

The space combat is not exciting either, you are always out numbered and the space pirates have 100% accuracy.
The space combat feels boring and annoying, every time you are traveling with your pulse drive those space pirates show up you will think to yourself: "god why?"
Of course you can decide to ignore the space pirates by flying into the atmosphere of a planet or a space station, but then again they won't follow you in the atmosphere which was also shown in the trailer.

if you happen to find a portal at a planet don't even bother to try activate those things they aren't working, this was also promised in a trailer by the way.
Want to play with your friends like Sean Murray said in a interview, don't even try you can't.
If you happen to come across a research facility you can shoot your way inside, if you fire a couple of rounds at the door then the sentinels will come after you, but don't worry about that just shoot the door until you are inside then the sentinels will leave you alone, you can just ignore them because they are barely any threat.

I think I made my point here the game is repetitive, boring and after a while it just turns into a grinding simulator.

It's really a shame to see the game end up like this I've been following development since 2014 and have been hyped about it since I knew about it.
But if you compare the trailers to the actual product you will realise that Sean Murray has been lying.
I am done defending this game I defended it for a couple of weeks but ever since I saw playstation users are getting updates I am done defending it.
The developers took a huge shit on all PC users.

Coming to a verdict I am giving this game a 4/10 it was fun for a couple of hours after that it becomes boring and repetitive.
I recommend for the sake of your 60 euros to stay away from this game as far as possible.
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