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Brief Intro
- Name : Dalton
- Age: Younger than Kron
- Games I play: apparently csgo nowadays
- you can go away now
-Language: English (main), Mandarin & Cantonese(sub), a bit of malay and tamil

Some shit I'm using that I barely can afford:
-Mouse: Gigabyte M8000x Ghost
-Headphones : Razer Kraken Pro
-Mousepad: Armageddon Assault Hova 74
- and a Secret Lab Gaming chair to rest my butt on.

Laptop Specs:
Memory : 4Gb
Hard disk : HDD 16 Gb × 2 (have 2 slots)
Screen: 14 inch
Display: IPS
Processor : Intel Core i5 processor.
Graphic card: Nvida GTX 740.
Go away

Profile Pic by myself, software used in the making:
1. Source film maker
2. Photoshop CC
3. Microsoft Picture editor]

Kron = Generous yet sensitive. Asian Santa who hates cats face :3
Crimson = IT support with an accent.
ZayDric = Gay spy who prioritize quantity instead of picks
Shu = Most adorable medic ever
Tomato = Laughter always makes me laugh as well
Khronus = Best solly for dally
Zen = Desperate stalker who still refuses to leave me alone.
Teman baik = In need of "Tis-shu" because he spilled "shugar" all over his "shushi".
Potato_302 = MY HEAVY BAE <3
Fr0z3n Fl4m3 = Dally's Spy Repellent
Xurca = A transgender.
Suhan = Future korean singer, the only person who ultilize and not abuse the server's voice chat. (to sing, but not to earrape)
Sebastian = Dalton... Dalton....*blow intensively into mic*
Levi = Reflect anything except crits.
Lagger = Sniper who prioritize killing spies
KustyBoo = Cloak spy who forgot short circuit exist
Okashi Yujin = Spy main with a rapist voice
Ferrick = voice makes me feel like killing myself
IceBear = Medic that think alike
Davka = Dally's rocket repellent.
Frenchy = "aw, imma go engie cuz I have an aussie frontier justice" "aw, let me equip the gunslinger as well" "aw, I just realized we're on defense"
Jet = Voice have healing effect
Gimmick = *Burp*
Zedd = "drop me awp plz"
SummerCorgi = your M4 float tho...

Dally: Playing with Icebae ya know
Levi: Cant play, comp at shop ;-;
Dally: What happened?
Levi: Harddisk broke
Dally: ahhh, download more porn lah
Levi: I don't even download porn
Levi: I don't even know where to download ;-;
Dally: LOL

Dally: Wow, play mvm lah, I can't even afford a ticket, so I've been on 0 tours ;-;
Jet: Oh, I've been on 80 tours and got around 4 or 5 drops so far.
Dally: So ass drop quite often huh?
Dally: Aus**
Jet: no, some went on 200 tours and got none, my friends call me a lucky faggot.
Jet: But I do wish I get a golden pan tho, I love to see them players coming in and snatching the pan like Lord of the ring
Dally: Lord of the ring huh?
Jet: No, Lord of the pan
Dally: Coming to the cinema near you. LOLOL

Dally: If honey badger have such a thick and loose skin , why didn't human hunt for it? it must be really expensive.
Dally: they could just give this to the military force. since it isn't penetrable by small bullets
Corgi: Imagine how stupid it would be to see a bunch of army coated with honey badger's skin.
Dally: right...

[Pub chat]
Random pub guy: Are you in highlander?
A. : No, Im in Badwater
Random pub guy: Are you playing highlander?
A. : No, Im playing team fortress 2
Random pub guy: Is it hard in highlander?
A. : Not as hard as my dick
*awkward silence*

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violette. Jun 12 @ 11:52am 
why is your name my (fake) name? :(((
Khronus :3 ❤ Jun 7 @ 4:27am 
Dally Jun 7 @ 4:25am 
need it for my silat practice man
I'm Gay!!!! | Cs.money Jun 7 @ 4:23am 
-Rep scammed my Faking Karambit Gamma Doppler(Emerald)
『Itsurata』 May 21 @ 8:06pm 
it's me Itsu
Khronus :3 ❤ Apr 18 @ 2:53am 
Best engie :D Dispenser is like a medic <3