Dillen :o   Ohio, United States
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• Do not random add me. Leave a comment first.
• No comment, no add. I will ignore your add if you don't comment first.
• No group invites please.
• I have a zero tolerance policy for drama queens, shit stirrers, and trolls.
• I like a small friends list. Every Month I delete people I don't really talk to often. No hard feelings.

• Main Game Is Team Fortress 2
• I started when I got steam which was two years ago
• I have over 4k hours in Tf2 and 700 hours in the Spy class alone
• I play in competitive highlander as a silver spy on UGC
• If you need a mentor in the spy class just leave a comment below
• S18/Iron/SWiFT/6-3
• S19/Steel/LookingForTeens/3-5 sub
• S20/Steel/SeductiveNine/4-4
• S21/Silver/9Gentleman/9-3/3rdPlace sub

• I'm 20
•Going to College and will be living on my own soon
•Born in West Philly
•Hobbies are shooting B-Ball outside the school
•I hate guys who are up to no good in the neighborhood
•I've been in 1 fight
•I live in Bel-Air

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4,445 hrs on record
last played on Jun 17
2,306 hrs on record
last played on Jun 15
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last played on Jun 13
Moist Jun 20 @ 11:38am 
+rep Met this guy at my local Burger King, he was giving his order to this brunette broad. After he was done giving her his order she gave him the bag with his food in it. He was walking away when I saw him pull out a piece of paper from the BK bag, it had her number on it! He had the balls to call her right away, can you believe that? While she was at work? So anyways, they end up hitting it off on the phone right there at BK and 15 mins later when I was done finishing my three McWhoppers and my shake I walked outside and looked to the left by the drive-thru and there he was porking the girl right up against the drive-thru speaker!!! I thought to myself, wow what a baller amiright? So I walked up to them doing it and asked him if he had a steam account, he gave me his wrinkled up BK receipt with his steam account. Before I walked away I looked down and there was two pairs of nuts! Anyways, cool guy. Really good at Super Smash Bros if you know what I mean...
нσяѕιε♡ Jun 16 @ 5:37am 
VaTaN MoUsE Jun 9 @ 10:38pm 
Syanthe Jun 8 @ 3:32pm 
ay look its a bird that plays spy, neat!
D!nko Jun 6 @ 10:40pm 
ü b e r ☆ m a n Jun 6 @ 10:33pm 
Sweet profile!