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Dan Castellaneta aka Jake   Huntsville, Alabama, United States
Thou shalt not be a thot in this land.

City Fighter

"This hat was shitty before it went all-class, and its still shitty now, except now it can be shitty on all nine classes and not just scout." []


it's that bloody game where people pull their arms and legs off
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Check out those Spook Specs. 60 keys or decent offers. Ask me if you want to see it in-game.

8:27 PM - пирог икру | ✡2jew4u™: Hello
8:27 PM - splattitorium: hello
8:27 PM - splattitorium: my name is dan castellaneta
8:27 PM - пирог икру | ✡2jew4u™: *dabs in respect*
8:27 PM - splattitorium: yes
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It's often said that eyewear serves no other function than improving the eyesight of lame kids and decrepit, elderly people. This stylish pair of tanning goggles says otherwise; it spits in the face of this notion. Indeed, the days of forgetting your tan
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Heyo. I really don't know what to title this.
Hey, I'm Jake!
I'm just a crappy trader making even worse memes.
I don't really bite, I'm just here to spam the number 52 and comment whatever necessary.

I main Pyro, and if you want to main Pyro, stop right there and main another class. Basically no skills that you learn as Pyro are transferable to other classes, and it's only useful to main if your framerate is really crappy.
Don't use the Phlogistinator unless you can actually make yourself useful with the Manmelter. Even the Backburner is far more productive than the Phlogistinator.

You're probably wondering: when am I available to trade?
Weekdays: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Weekends: generally 10:00 AM - 9:30 PM
All times are in Central standard time, and may be subject to change.

If you have to add me, comment below. I will make exceptions if I've commented on your profile, notified you beforehand, or if I sent you a trade offer. Please don't add me otherwise.

Other info:
• Level 52 on Steam. It cost a lot of money. I have no regrets btw
• Owner of the #52 Greased Lightning and the only level 52 Vintage Pro. KS Festive Sandman.
• Brown belt suggestor on
• Level 52 item collector. What I want to keep that can have unique levels is level 52.
• 2800 and counting trades.
• I am dating the best guy in the world named Brendan.
• Villainous Violet killstreak weapons I currently own: 10 (4 Specialized and 7 Professional Killstreak)

If you have any questions, please don't wait to comment. I'm likely to respond within 10 minutes if I'm not in game.
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