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Welcome to my profile
What's a furry

Oh neat I exist, Hi?
So uhh I play videogames like everyone on this damn service. Catch me on discord if you wanna just like talk shit to me for being a furry or something idk.

Team fortress 2 and PayDay 2 are my most played games so yeah I'm usually down to play unless I'm not.

Why don't I play new games, well 1 I usually just don't like them, 2 I'm a broke teenager what the fuck is money.

I also do art (Furry obviously) usually I don't do other people but money does make the world go around so yeah.

Oh yeah I'm a furry, that doesn't matter at all though.

Oh yeah I'm a degenerate so I RP from time to time ÙwÚ

Good boy list (Not in any particular order)
-Kaffe Strangelove
-Myst the Cat
-Doctor Dad
-Pizza Vali
-Eel feels
-Spicy Seth
-Pan Pan

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