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I AM NOT A NOOB TRADER...Scammers pass your way, i know well the ways of scamming.
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CLEAN Purple Energy Law for around 520 keys pure (unboxed by me)
Green Energy Veil for 225 Keys
Can sell the White Energy Set for discounted price
Executioner for 90 keys pure

Recent Activity

gbraun Aug 17 @ 7:52pm 
that would be awesome
-GoV- dak1ne Aug 17 @ 7:37pm 
lol if only i could have a self made bill's hat ^^
gbraun Aug 17 @ 7:35pm 
self made burning flames team captin
gbraun Aug 17 @ 7:35pm 
whats next a saxxy a frekin valve rocketlauncher
gbraun Aug 17 @ 7:35pm 
holy frekin selfmades D:
-GoV- dak1ne Mar 28 @ 11:16am 
nice :D