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Glad you've finally stopped by, Soldier.
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Vanu Account: DairyMan
BR: 34

New Congo: ScrimmyBinguz
BR: 7

Terran Repubic: DairyGirl
BR: 2


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Autismo Server! [Moderator]
Boop's Stupid Server [Operator]
Disgusting Server [Admin] RIP



DanTP6: cant find m2 on my keyboard

tactile420: why does dairy sound like sagy from scoby doo?

Cloud: i cant find mouse 3

moth mom cecil: I not know

MoosePancakes: Bernie was the only good canidate tbh

TheVoicedFlame: dairy was birthed from a bull's ass

austinthehotty: How do I put my weapon away?

barooee00: i am talking to you dairyman. let me ask you again, how old are you? are you 16 that has the mentality of a 5 year old, dairma

Cute cat sonic ;3: WHO MESS WITH MY DISCORD PICTURE >:(((((((

Tristan885:GMod causes frame drops, 10/10
no need to call me a dumbass
nonetheless I get no lags, oh well
The maker of the addon is still r00d tho
Telling users of PPM1 to go kill themselves lol

Tristan885: I was kidding, aside anything on GMod workshop will lag when too much addons

Tristan885:I have a friend that has over 1000 addons and he fucking wonder why his game black screen in-game times to times

Tristan885: Makes me want to bleach his hard drive from all the FNAF shit that the workshop produces almost every god damn day
and he absolutely has to get like all of them, along with a hundred of unnecessary weapons packs, cars, props, and the list goes on. And he wonder aswell why his game is laggy like there's any ways to increase his FPS other than cleaning up addons. Anyway, enough ranting, gone to bed, bai(edited)


Michael: was that ur best comeback..? come on man your a dairyman not a naziman.
then again u got mofu so i guess your pet man? lol.

Raven Valentia: Boi Dis is A Mug Drop 2K or you Die You have 10 Secs, The clock are ticking

Corey-chan: the lag is real
DairyMan: What country do you live in
Corey-Chan : fuck nmo
Corey-Chan : *no
DairyMan: what?
Corey-chan: fuck you ya stalker

Stephen Tourmaline: Ya know what I'm gonna shit up I don't even feel like talikgn when ur here because u instantly shut people down and make them feel stupid and make fun of them just because they don't do what u do or they don't take everything sarcastic and not serious

PotatoFace: aaaaannnd muted

Druella - Yesterday at 2:18 AM
jews and muslims are not wonderfull people thier just better then christians..and honislty that ant saying much

*DEAD*DavidReaperZx : Ahahahahah DID U TAUNTED ME?
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Woods™ Aug 29 @ 3:24pm 
Oh jesus
DairyMan Aug 29 @ 2:38pm 
amputation of the big toe has commenced.
Woods™ Aug 29 @ 6:22am 
My big toe is all I have
DairyMan Aug 24 @ 6:24pm 
im glad its retarded enough
Silverr Aug 24 @ 6:03pm 
You're profile picture is the cause of my nightmares.
DairyMan Aug 5 @ 1:41am 
give me another chance