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Well then...

Where do I start?I'm some sort of a person. A Dalish Elf. I'm the Inquisitor. I have a fancy green particle effect on my hand. I'm 17, have some long ass hair, and wear jewlz i stole from the local jewl store with Hox. I gots a Valve Sweatshirt, in hope that Valve will realize that we want HL3. I'm smart, I put all my points into Computer Science, Medicine, and Sarcasm. Therefore, in a fight, I have about a 15% chance to smack somebody with a stick at point blank, then I colapse and and cry for my friends who 2 hit bitches. Whenever I level up, I put more points into begging from my parents to get more games. The rest of my squad consists of the following:A Dwarf Asain from The Lonley Mountians. He's spec'd out in being hipster. Then there is a Human Asain from Skyrim. He's our squads crafter and DPS, who lacks all points in Intelligence and Magic. Then there is a fellow Elf, he's an Asain, too. I found him in Majula. He's our fast-talker, but he only speaks in English. I try to level him up in nerd, but it never works. Then there is our Tank. He's white, and a oversized Dwarf from Mahakam. He's smart, and uses a baseball bat to beat me up. I cant seem to level him up, they need to fix that bug. Anyway, I run my graphics on low. Well, i run it on high, but my eyes are shit, so everything seems like it's on low. We find ourselfs wondering the world of School. Half the time, there is only two of us together. Fucking Ubi, fix this broken ass game. I digress.

I write reviews, check those out, dislike them, and then go commit sepku.Don't worry, you can always tap E to respawn. If you're anything other then White, Dalish, Asain, or Dwarf, play S&D. If you die, you can't respawn, and that's good. Yes, i'm racist. Eat your heart out High Imperial Court. A Dalish Savage is important. I also make videos, about games other then real life. Those games are pretty good, check them out. Also, I'm what you would call a "Terminal Master Race Elitist". Suck it N64. Wait...what year is this?Fucked if I know. Also, jokes about The Blight, er The Halocaust, er The Great War, er, The Geth What year is this?Anyway, are funny.

Wait. Who the fuck wrote all this? I can't write! Whats this internet thing? Some new sort of boat? Wut? :hoji_smile:
Also, if you understood half of anything in this, you need to seek some Sun. Then praise it motherfucker. Really. #SunBrosFoLife

Random Fancy Gaming things I own
TF2 Pyro Statue
Fallout New Vegas Collecters Edition
Fallout Anthology(With Mini-Nuke)
Metro 2033 Book
Black Mesa Sweatshirt

My religion is Chinese and I go to church at Panda Hut-Alex Woo 2013

I shoot lasers out of my fucking eyes!-Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

"Life is like a box of chocolate. It dosen't last long for fat people".

In Class-2+2=4. On test- Jonny had 2 apples and lost one, calculate the mass of the sun.

It's not that I don't like ________, it's just that I don't want him hearing me talk bad about him. -Gabenfoodle 2015-


Its not animial cruelty, its natural selection, with cars-Tim 2015.

Maybe that's the solutuon to getting rid of all the black people, we just eat them. It's not canabalism if it's the same species. -Bridges 2016

The ony math I'm ever going to use in life is subtraction. From my bank account. Never addition.

"Its not that you're inmature, Johnson, it's that you're gay"-Foxhole

"Turkey is where ham comes from"-Foodle 2016
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Yea, I'm one of those guys.

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Lotto Dec 31, 2016 @ 8:33am 
He's the biggest faggot of all time.
MACVSOG - K.Wolf Dec 29, 2016 @ 11:43pm 
+10 rep deals with retards on the forums on behalf if the logical ones <3
Gabenfoodle [NSIB] Dec 29, 2016 @ 11:29pm 
MACVSOG - K.Wolf Dec 29, 2016 @ 10:17pm 
*looks at yoru groups*

*notices your in a group called gaben with 15k+ followers*

"this man is like an urban legend around here"

GABEN - FORUM NAZI FURHER lol aka da boss man :P
T. Currie | 42 Cdo Dec 28, 2016 @ 4:27pm 
" my profile you person you"

I read your profile mate, I'm a proper person.
swegbun Dec 4, 2016 @ 12:02pm 
Да, командир убить всех капиталистов Unbreakable Union of Freeborn Republics