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rest in rip catto
Rustycaddy Mar 5 @ 6:19pm 
The part with the cat was probably the most saddest part, I teared up a bit as he dropped the boulder, realizing that he wasn't living in the past anymore and lost everything in the nuclear fire. This scene was perfect, thats what made this video golden despite being extremely old.
DMGaina Mar 5 @ 3:44pm 
Yes, that was me. Feels like it has been ages ago. It was originally planned to be a longer series with more "... after tomorrow" shorts, I am glad you liked it and remembered the machinima after all this time.
Rustycaddy Mar 5 @ 3:18pm 
Hey did you make the video/machinima "the snow after tomorrow"? It had me emotionally sad, and I ended up finding it after a long search, saw it when it came out when I was just a little kid, honestly an amazing video.
hey! i know a lot of people are probably giving you flak over your review but let me make a few clarifications! You windowed mode isnt an issue with the game. Its an issue with your taskbar. Simply go to your task manager and restart Windows Explorer. It happens with lots of games. Also the game locks your fps to 30 if it feels like your monitor or graphics might not be up to snuff. Not sure how that works, but people with non streamline hardware seem to have this issue. Most get 60 fps at all times. The early game is a bit of a trudge but later it does get more hectic with the addition of bows and other weaponry. Then post story it even adds subclasses.
Anyways feel free to delete this. Just wanted to clear up your technical issues that arent really related to the game. Cheers!
Runi Feb 24 @ 9:24pm 
Isn't Survive the pseudo Amish combat-simulator though?