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Hey Peeps This Is DaGreekHunter And I Like Team Fortress 2 and I Also Make Very Nice Posters in SFM. I also make artwork for people request and I can also do promotion artwork for workshop needs. I love playing tf2 comp and jump maps and I also Love Hanging Out With My Mates From My Team Speak Server and my own Discord Server
Mod at Terminal Velocity Server-
Admin on OZZYPaws Trade Server -
And looking for mod position on servers!

WANT TO SEND ME A TRADE OFFER ? - https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=155964866&token=2glDRZxZ
My Good M8's- if i miss u, remind me :P
Diplex - silver scrub legend
Skyblock - same person and diplex (ima get smacked soon)
Desertbuggy - bloddy legend and best mate
Blaze - weeb who loves 2fort_dark and animie pillows
Business Sloth - a trading god And a lucky mother fucker at unboxing
Senpai - sniping is ahh guud job m8 and loli is his game
.Ghosty - woolie street thug
.Aeki - woolies grapes supplier and mob boss.
Alphanerd - best at rats instagib and fithly heavy main
Aura - free plat badge XD
Blue - best mate and a WANKA
Blu pingu - baby come back
zDog and Titans - good mate and owns ztg server
Kurwa - biggest jew in the world and my irl mate
Woody (hax) - old m8
TheGreatOverlod - mexican by day and night..but usally in his garden so u wont see him at night.
jon snow -youngster into a trading gangster
Virtux - dooo u rememebr meeh.
Tripal - sick laddy and beast at sfm animation
Yachimice - very lucky sob makes me jelous all the time.
Hot Doggy - the DOGSTAA BOIIS...I MEAN HASTEEEE no no i mean SAM
Rubixcube- better than before
Koala - cuddly mate and a good trader
Geros - my favourite cousin
Cookie monster - cookie nom nom nom
Hughzee - very good and reliable mate for help
Marky Marco - big fagget -everyone xoxo gossip goat
Mato - best trader ive ever knowned and a lucky one. legend
N3dd - full of suprises
Cheesy puff - funny as fuck great guy
Sloth god - funny lad and gr8 recket jemper
sporks - called a hacker from a jasmine team scout (he went to esa)
seraph - always killing me on ugc upward
wingwire - the Destroyer + pyro main who somehow has 4 doms
sheepy - awesome mate and a killer heavy
moogod - more like fraggod ammiiiirigte
shilo - bae
.Noisy - funny guy loves long walks on the beach and pirate stuff

Moogod - pls come back to ur boiiisss
mstr erupt
more to add soon

Youtube - DaGreekHunter P

steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198116230594
| customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/DAGREEKHUNTER
| steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198116230594

im not giving away free shit - the more you know
wall of shit quotes -
DAGREEKHUNTER™: [TC] Simple ★: And my elite and much more intelligent responses
[TC] Simple ★: shoo
[TC] Simple ★: shoo fly
^-clearly a fucken retard

wall of good qoutes -

10:47 PM - i like gorralliz: i'm about to flip 7 tables
10:47 PM - i like gorralliz: and hang myself
alphanerd: idc buy me a fckin unusual minigun
alphanerd: im not joining discord again till you buy it for me

Look greeek my parents are drunk and my car is injured i havnt had the best night bth -haste
he buys gta 5 off nans life savings account. and fucking unplugs nans life support just to get more battery on his shitty laptop. -blue
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About Me (Important to Read)
- The Real Best Spy Au
- Best Skate 3 Player Au
- Best D.va Au/NZ
- Best THPS4 Player Au
-I alias a lot so put a nickname on me

- if ur a scammer just don't add me it will save u a lot of time cause I know all the tricks in the book -

Hey guys its me dagreekhunter here and if you would like to add me please leave a reason so i know what the person wants when i add him/her. im a pretty nice dude but dont try to be a dickhead to me cause ill insta delete you. so pay some respect when u talk to me and ill do the same back

season 17 memes with additude steel participant- med
season 20 9b steel participant- soldier
current season - haste carries best team au -soldier
Played in the all stars steel team and won -soldier
season 23 6's - Lipton Tea
Season 22 - actull trash players
Season 11 - 4's bleach

- I make profile pictures and posters for people and also for the workshop it's very fun but when I'm not on sfm I'm busy doing other stuff.

if u would like to trade send a trade offer and ill check it out, and if i dont make sure to message me and ill get to it.

i would like to expand my workshop creations and make more stuff and collab with more people
More stuff in the works, I usually work with cheesy puff cause he's a sick guy👍

link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6p8CDkdNGR08Q82hK_qsuQ

- dont beg
- dont invite me to shit groups
- im not donating shit to anyone unless ur very good mates with me
- write down why u want to add me
- dont ask for trading tips on prices, im retired and dont know much any more.
- dont spam my ass
- no links
- no scammers
-I can broker but u need to message me first about it.
- removed herobrine
- patched in shit joke

away - im probs here but i might actully be gone aswell
busy - now is not a good time to talk to me.
online with phone symbol next to it - im on steam market and browsing sfm and tf2 artwork + dont talk to me cause i lose my page
In game tf2 - most likely in a comp game so don't spam please
Online - I'm here and ready to tak
offline - sleeping Zzz

- if u message me while playing tf2 and I respond with random words like sjeixdhisufje s it means I'm playing comp and don't want to be bothered

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Happy birthday!
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Happy Birthday Greek! <3
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Happy Birthday Greek!
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Hey DaGreekHunter This Is Jackie The Stripper And I Like Team Fortress 2 and I Also would like you to Make Very Nice Posters in SFM, for me. I love playing tf2 comp and casual and I also Love Hanging Out With My Mates From Discord Server.
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