Kouceila   Kouvola, Southern Finland, Finland
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Musician, Artist, Gamer and your typicall n ig g a

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mk82j1jQw_8 [/url

Second account


Previous team(s)

-Deathrun matches with Strik , cheung , stev , zaki , frut
-Playing our first season of highlander
-Playing some brawlhalla with younes
-Azlan cursing mady in arabic (EPIC SHIT)
-Playing mge with friends
-Danking around , you know ( ͡O ͜ʖ ͡O)( ͡͡ O ͜ ʖ ͡ O)
-Selling some KEWKEW with strik the kewkewist
-Exploiting around with frut ma man
-Hanging on a duel server and meeting some good ppl
-Playing casual with friends
-Getting fucked by valve (meet your match update)
-Enjoying some swigity swag with my friends
-Demo chikour
-Hoovy jayeh
-Buying my sets
-Making an admin rage


MrQuent45: Once a wise wizard told me Getus Rektus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
vL. Kouceila #RIP STRIKINGsavage: once a wise nigger told me fried chicken ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)

15:51 - KyS. D4nk #alt acc: ey ey
15:51 - KyS. D4nk #alt acc: the ennemy spy
15:51 - KyS. D4nk #alt acc: will witness hell today
15:51 - Abdou: rape him
15:51 - Abdou: LOL
15:51 - Abdou: they have a rapist team tho
15:51 - KyS. D4nk #alt acc: ikr
15:51 - Abdou: their engie
15:51 - Abdou: mmmmmmmmm

17:39 - KyS. Not that dank anymore ,-,: talk french
17:39 - KyS. Not that dank anymore ,-,: pzl
17:39 - KyS. Not that dank anymore ,-,: xd
17:40 - Abdou: je sui
17:40 - Abdou: uh
17:40 - Abdou: merde
17:40 - Abdou: baguette
17:40 - Abdou: viva la france
17:40 - Abdou: ooo lalala
17:40 - Abdou: omlette de fromage

23:19 - Albertitoeo: BLEEDING
23:19 - Albertitoeo: BLEEDING
23:19 - KyS. D4nk: xd
23:19 - KyS. D4nk: xd
23:19 - KyS. D4nk: xd
23:19 - KyS. D4nk: xd
23:19 - Albertitoeo: CLICK CLICK
23:19 - Albertitoeo: NO AMMO
23:19 - Albertitoeo: FUCK
23:19 - Albertitoeo: ded

01:02 - Striking. | trade.tf: Dood
01:03 - [Cb] fookin D4nk: wot
01:03 - Striking. | trade.tf: No bac no money no job broke get a rich womn get gud life
01:04 - Striking. | trade.tf: I have to get it

19:48 - striking #skrubl0rd | trade.tf: Btw we heard someone saying dank i was like u rly dont want to know its true meaning dont ya


strik the rotten waffle: emchi nik hchoun zok tiz vaginal omek :)

strik git a lyf ma nig xd


Gento koken strik: xdddd
Gento koken strik: no
Gento koken strik: u git blonde
Gento koken strik: i git blonde
Gento koken strik: legit


SNOOP GOD {LINK REMOVED}: de toute facon toura y'as que de la merde on mange de la merde on ecoute de la merde on regarde de la merde on vie dans de la merde xd
刀 凡 几 に ㄚ: xd
SNOOP GOD {LINK REMOVED}: et le seule moyen de sortire de cette merde c'est de ne pas sombrer dans cette méme merde
SNOOP GOD {LINK REMOVED}: avec un mental d'acier xd

~Younes piterson

"We are here for you."
~Yacine (Striking)

"Listen mate, if u jump in a pit im fucking jumping with you."

" Stay alive, for your family, your friends... And me... "
~ Cynthia

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