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Best cutie on Steam since 2013. Don't take it from me. Take it from all of my wonderful peeps I've chatted with since my time here. They'll agree~

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Funny Binds Said By Friends And Other Peeps
"soap and water = ebola infested mud" ~ KennySan

"HOLY SHREK!" ~ jamele59

"brb cutting self ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" ~ Vellexium


"Did you know ducks are rapists?" ~ Vellexium

"You're not the person Mr. Rogers wants you to be..." ~ Brakit

"To tilt one's controls, one must tilt their own donger." ~ [Lazy] Miki Sayaka

"if {"hugs_required"=1} then, {"ask_for_hugs"=1}.
if {"hugs_recieved"=0}, then {"start_crying"}." ~ Cat Alice.exe

"Nui♥Harime: If gay people were to write a book about LGBTQ and the United States, would it be called 50 States of Gay? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
MilitaryLolita: PCHFFT
MilitaryLolita: YEP
Nui♥Harime: :3"

"People always instantly assume we're bad because we want donations. So now Ima just say we're bad." ~ Lin

"Its dongerbonk time" ~ SubMachineFun

"[Senpai]Lin : But I know you love it because I'm a kinky mistress." ~ Dufflyon

"[Donator]Nui♥Harime : inb4 Subby mains Shrek." ~ SubMachineFun

"How come every fucking admin on these servers does nothing but make lenny faces and mock players?" ~ mrjim208

"Spicy Ookami: the innocence of a beep mans face
Nui♥Harime: I know :D
Spicy Ookami: it captivates its prey until its far from civilization
Spicy Ookami: where then itll devour the prey whole through the dark screen, all with the smile."

"[VIP-The Only Kid]That nerdy kid (Magneto) : we already did America VS Jay-PAN in WW2: the REKToning" ~ Dufflyon

"Nui♥Harime: Fun Fact: Captain Crunch isn't actually a captain. He's actually Commander Crunch
Nui♥Harime: :3
Homosexual Trapezoids: Why did you have to go and crush my dreams like that
Homosexual Trapezoids: He was like a father to me"

"All aboard the SS Suprise Buttsex! ≧^◡^≦" ~ Shy


"This is the music to have sex to." ~ Spicy Ookami

"Random Crits: Part of a Fair and Balanced Breakfast!" ~ Weed Wizard™

"Papa Franku: i want to work for the suicide hotline so i can make people pull the trigger"

"Nui♥Harime™: I really wish making a death park was a required scenario in campaign :3
Spicy Ookami - Bday: 2Morrow: It always can be
Spicy Ookami - Bday: 2Morrow: Especially if it involves the president
Nui♥Harime™: Oh god
Spicy Ookami - Bday: 2Morrow: Launch the Presidential Candidates
Nui♥Harime™: inb4 Donald Trump is included in the game
Spicy Ookami - Bday: 2Morrow: a game over with interesting consequences
Spicy Ookami - Bday: 2Morrow: inb4 Donald Trump Skinned coasters that cost 4 dollars as dlc
Nui♥Harime™: ^
Spicy Ookami - Bday: 2Morrow: its not a cosater with donald trump ads, but rather his face on the front of the cosaster"

"Mario Bros. Plumbing specialize in hooking Luigi's dick up to a sink." ~ Sekibanki

"Spicy Ookami: So what you're saying is Lucky isn't a leprechaun, but rather a convicted sex offender fighting his urge to share his "Lucky Charms" with those same 3 children in every commercial?
Nui♥Harime™: Pretty much"

"Spicy Ookami: Issued an Amber Alert
Spicy Ookami: my Ice Cream's gone missing"

"Spicy Ookami: Corey is the one true super saiyan"

"Spicy Ookami: Girls are just harder to animate
Spicy Ookami: everyone knows that
Nui♥Harime™: Its not the only thing thats hard :^)"


"Spicy Ookami: smash brothers
Spicy Ookami: both figuratively, literally, and sexually
Nui♥Harime™: L-lewd
Spicy Ookami: No rules
Spicy Ookami: No limits
Nui♥Harime™: No succ
Spicy Ookami: until final smash
Spicy Ookami: the SUCC ALL 7 AT ONCE"

Nui♥Harime™: Apparently not a lot of people know that there was a Team Fortress game that was around before TF2
Kanade♥まき: Huh
Kanade♥まき: where do they think the 2 came from
Kanade♥まき: lol
Nui♥Harime™: Ask Valve
Nui♥Harime™: inb4 Valve trademarks the number 2"

"My name is not important. What is important is that I saved 15% on car insurance with Geico." ~SubMachineFun

"Nui♥Harime™: Oboy. A game where you play as a naked man
Nui♥Harime™: :3
Homosexual Trapezoids: I involentarily spawned as a naked woman
Nui♥Harime™: Too bad Rust only lets you play in firstperson
Nui♥Harime™: :^)
Nui♥Harime™: Otherwise, you could see the best parts
Nui♥Harime™: :3
Homosexual Trapezoids: That's the DLC we'll never get
Homosexual Trapezoids: Penis inspection add-on"

"Spicy Ookami: And now
Spicy Ookami: Spicy Ookami, coming to you live from Windows Steam....
Spicy Ookami: ON A MAC
Spicy Ookami: *gasp*
Spicy Ookami: Must be....
Spicy Ookami: A WITCH!
Nui♥Harime™: Or y'know, using a virtual machine
Nui♥Harime™: :^)
Spicy Ookami: Now I can do what I've always dreamed of!
Spicy Ookami: *Installing FNAF*"

"♥Spicy Ookami♥: ... oh
♥Spicy Ookami♥: forgot i had this box of waxing strips
Nui♥Harime™: Spicy pls :3
♥Spicy Ookami♥: no i mean, it just be sitting in front of me with its hot pink box and i forgot its existance
Nui♥Harime™: I know that feel
♥Spicy Ookami♥: speaking of, surprised safe for the split second sting, aint bad
Nui♥Harime™: At least its nothing like the 40 Year Old Virgin :3
♥Spicy Ookami♥: well,
♥Spicy Ookami♥: only a dipshit would try to wax fur
Nui♥Harime™: ^
♥Spicy Ookami♥: ;3
Nui♥Harime™: So, you'd do it? :3
♥Spicy Ookami♥: wax fur? ew
♥Spicy Ookami♥: i wouldnt even allow even a bit
Nui♥Harime™: That ;3 would speak otherwise
Nui♥Harime™: :3
♥Spicy Ookami♥: that ;3 was just cause i felt like it
Nui♥Harime™: Yeah sure ;3
♥Spicy Ookami♥: no im [eating] cereal
Nui♥Harime™: tfw not a bowl of nails for breakfast [Without any milk]
Nui♥Harime™: :3
♥Spicy Ookami♥: no
♥Spicy Ookami♥: be real
♥Spicy Ookami♥: tfw not a bowl of just the marshmellows
Nui♥Harime™: So, Lucky Charms but without the crunchy stuff?
Nui♥Harime™: The dream :D
♥Spicy Ookami♥: like i said
♥Spicy Ookami♥: damn kids dont know what their doing to the leprechan's sexual inner demons when going after his crunchy, magical surprises
Nui♥Harime™: Who knew that the leprechaun was a pedophile?
♥Spicy Ookami♥: actually.....
♥Spicy Ookami♥: The Noid did too
♥Spicy Ookami♥: Why do you think the bastard wanted your Dominos pizza? To "destroy it"? Pls, thats pedo code for something illegal to reliterate.
♥Spicy Ookami♥: The two had rehab along with methheads Cocoa Puffs and Trix Rabbit
♥Spicy Ookami♥: didnt work though
♥Spicy Ookami♥: kinda like rehab irl
♥Spicy Ookami♥: Lucky never quite knew how to approach kids like Tony Tiger, who to this day is in contact with all sorts of kids, sometimes even in front of their fathers, all while appearing as innocent"

"Alice (1): hmm, 23 months, anyway~ just that my "20s" haven't rreally been great yet
Nui♥Harime™: Yet. I'm sure there will be some magical event that will change your life for the better~
Alice (1): A visit from the grim reaper! ;w;"

"Nui♥Harime™: What are your new year's resolution's going to be? :3
Spicy Ookami: Git laid"

"Spicy Ookami: Dragon girls with huge boobs beating out LWA
Spicy Ookami: Somehow this is Trumps fault
Nui♥Harime™: To be fair, nobody can resist fanservice
Nui♥Harime™: :3
Spicy Ookami: I can
Spicy Ookami: After years of it
Nui♥Harime™: How? By looking away? :3
Spicy Ookami: By getting tired of it and just flipping over to porn"

"Spicy Ookami: Captain Crunch done fucked up
Nui♥Harime™: Its actually commander crunch
Nui♥Harime™: Not Captain. They messed up on his army rank thing
Nui♥Harime™: :3
Spicy Ookami: Fuck you its Captain Crunch"

"Alice (1): Never say never~
Nui♥Harime™: But you just said it
Nui♥Harime™: :3
Alice (1): <w>"

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