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Individuality, Identity, roots, race, and CULTURE!

Freelance translator (Japanese), writer, gamedev manslave.
I like to ramble about games: (Curations at )
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Embracer of the obscure, bizarre and different. Social Justice Heretic.
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地獄の一丁目か? そいつぁー俺にお似合いだぜ!
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Attention: We travel between Japan and San Francisco a lot for translation work and family. If gone for long periods of time, that's why!

Art devour-er and self-proclaimed weirdo.
Devout worshipper at the holy altar of music and cinema, especially the dark, obscure, and strange. Listens to everything from Norweigan Black Metal, to Japanese Experimental, to Bay Area punk rock, to Kosmiche Krautrock and everything inbetween.

As for games I like playing and sharing anything original, different, trippy, colorful, crazy chaotic, or weird. I also grew up in the arcades with a fistful of quarters and have a knack for classic and retro shoot 'em ups, beat 'em ups, and fighting games. In the end; if it's fun, has good music, or tells an incredible or interesting story then I'm there

Activist, anarchist, archivist, revolutionist, anti-establishment, power the people!

Warning: I play and share weird, trippy, sometimes fucked up, usually pretty out-there games and am okay with that. If you can't indulge me or at least ignore me, then drop me :P My hope though, is that you're as open-minded and strange as I am and enjoy what I post! :D

Other than that, I accept most adds unless you are: racist, misogynistic, sexist, islamophobic, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, alt-right, MRA, white nationalist, not cool with animals, or some kind of "memelord" (I dunno, the last one is flexible, depends on how dank your memes are I guess)

Other than THAT , I'm tolerable of almost anything. I love a good twisted sense of humor, I swear a lot, I love a good amount blood of gore in my movies and games, it takes a LOT to offend me and I'm certainly not an angel myself so let loose and don't hold back (Just don't be close minded, xenophobic or a dick!). Thanks!

Shohei Imamura
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Huey P. Newton
Yamataka eYe
Bill Waterson
Akaji Maro
Malcolm X
Kenji Miyazawa
David Lynch
Bernie Worrel
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John Zorn
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William S. Burroughs

Through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see,
one chance out between two worlds, fire walk with me.
-David Lynch

Keep games weird. Keep making weird games!
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The moment I start Heavy Bullets I'm assaulted with a minimal bright neon colored title-screen and a trippy melody with hazy vocals blaring over the glitched sounds of the menu like I've stumbled upon some kind of Philip K. Dickian Hotline Miami. I instantly think to myself "Yep this feels like something Devolver Digital would publish." This is of course a very good feeling.

This exceeds any rogue-like FPS before it in every way, and ups the ante by having very well-thought out and carefully planned gameplay. The action and combat are more than solid, intense and the atmosphere is engaging; with enemies that can pop out of bushes killing you in a heartbeat, the panic of realizing you haven't loaded all those bullets you picked up, all powered by a pulsing electronic soundtrack that creeps up on you as you come closer to dangerous areas.

The roguelike elements here work *very* well. You are placed into the thralls of a glitched neon world with harsh and bright hallways randomly generated everytime, the goal is to reach the end of each floor and eventually make it to the 8th floor where you're tasked with resetting a malfunctioning mainframe. Sounds simple, but equipped with only your 6-shot revolver this will prove to be a true test in frustration as there are monsters, turrets, and worms hiding around every corner to whittle away at your already very limited life. The floors are randomly littered with items to help with this, and you'll find banks where if you're playing smart enough you can buy life insurance or deposit money that carry over into your next playthroughs, making things slightly easier each time.

Seriously if you like roguelikes at all buy this game. If you like first person shooters at all, buy this game. If you like crazy artsy games with insanely stylish visuals and trippy sound design, buy this game!
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Friends 666 ... it's a trap ! satanic magick is happening from the cue
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Our dream adventure game Darkarta is launched!

It took our small studio 4 years to build Darkarta!
Pls evaluate the demo. We all are eagerly awaiting your feedback
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