at least take me to a date first
Oh hi so you found my mindscape. Confused? Good at least I'm not the only one. I usually ponder my existence here and play games in style. You might be wondering why my mindscape is a blank void, well it matches my emotional state and well my appearance. Theres a door behind *POP* you if you want to leave or think up a chair *POP* and have some imaginary iced tea *POP* . Oh and while your here don't think of anything dangerous like a three headed laser dragon *POP* Oh dear *ROAR* .
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hello there buddy I'm CryHoss you can call me Cry my friends think that I have an EXPLOSIVE personality.

About me

you can mostly find me playing TeamFortress 2,and Garry mod.

i never get offended (is that a good thing?)

I love talking about what ever so whenever you want to talk just talk.

I never start a conversation because I'm just too shy to do it so yeah that would be the reason why I'm not talking to you [insert friend name] so when you want to talk just talk.

a lot of the times I'm up to play so whenever you want to play with me just ask.

and lastly, why are you even reading this you have just wasted 5 minutes of you damn life do something more productive

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CryHoss Jan 15 @ 4:11pm 
Stalkeroo Jan 15 @ 3:54pm 
Such CRINGE image.
CryHoss Jan 5 @ 9:14am 
hey at least i will go out with a BANG
rxg | Dragonfist Jan 5 @ 7:57am 
Dude... Did you really have to say "explosive personality"?? Please tell me that's not a joke about where you live
gay Sep 1, 2017 @ 1:13am 
yallah lets go
CryHoss Dec 19, 2016 @ 6:34am 
why the fuck well you think that i well jump in front of a bullet for you. in matter of fact i well be the one shooting the gun at you