yes the profile picture is me. dont be jealous plz xd

:^): like seriously

sweng : direct you pussy

LOOK ALIVE LOOK ALIVE: I wanna be on ur quotes
LOOK ALIVE LOOK ALIVE: Put this on ur quotes


Mad mge player:
Tercio : whats your point?
Carb0n : mad?
Tercio : lol
Tercio : im recording you
*SPEC* yeh? : rofl (vinnie)
Carb0n : good for u
Carb0n : xdddddd
Tercio : to make funny video
Tercio : :)
Carb0n : cool
Tercio : of mad mge soldiers
Carb0n : cool story bro
*DEAD* Tercio : if you dont want to play
Tercio : leave
Carb0n : mad?
Tercio : meh
Tercio : iq 10 gamers
Tercio : cu
Tercio left the game (Disconnect by user.)
I think he was a bit upset xd

"jamesjamesjames" for 10 minutes (reason: Ignoring an Admin).
Tried to ban me and banned himself xddddd shit admin

cloud : carb0n might be cheating
no kid im just good xd

Jesse Pinkman <Beneš> : carbon nice hacks

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Carb0n Feb 26 @ 8:13am 
gui shit up blud i kill u
Carb0n Feb 26 @ 8:12am 
can you pay a grand for my pc
GGui Feb 26 @ 4:28am 
XDXDDXDXDXDDd :VSnake::VSnake::VSnake:
GGui Feb 26 @ 4:28am 
he's very fucking lonely
GGui Feb 26 @ 4:27am 
he likes his ravioli
GGui Feb 26 @ 4:27am 
Mr sidoli