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Welcome to my Steam profile! You are probably going to click that "Add Friend" button before reading all the important notes i left below. That's fine, but please don't be surprised if i declined your friend request.
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Everything you need to know about me!
Who am i?
I'm Karma Charger, a Official TF2 Wiki Weapons Demonstration videos contributor, and also a TF2 YouTuber. I'm a contributor on TF2 Wiki, so what i'm basically doing is, make detailed videos to show how weapons in TF2 actually works. If you are new to TF2, and you want to learn about the weapons, please watch the weapons demonstration videos, these videos can be found here: Official TF2 Wiki YouTube Channel . I don't own that OfficialTF2Wiki YouTube channel, i only contribute videos to it, and the channel owner will upload it for me. Just wanna clarify that, in case you guys are confused. Now let's talk about my own YouTube channel "Karma Charger". For my own channel, i don't upload videos for official TF2 weapons, instead i make my own custom weapons, then make a video about it. Also many crazy stuff i created just for fun and make a video to show it for laughs. Almost everything in my own videos, require programming and coding, such as custom weapons attributes, and many other things are created by my friends who knows how to program things. I only make the videos, but not the actual custom weapons itself. Without them helping me, there's absolutely nothing i can do. I just wanna give them some credits. Here's my YouTube channel: Karma Charger .

Cool! Can i add you as friend?
Sorry man, i don't accept friend request anymore. Because i want to keep my friend list with people i know only, it's easier for me to find the person i want to talk to. But not when my friend list has over 200 people i don't know. It's nothing personal, i don't hate people who wants to be my friend. It just i don't wanna give myself extra work when i'm already busy, such as people talking to me while i'm busy doing something else, and i don't have time to talk. But i do have a second Steam account, a second Steam group, and also a second YouTube channel. All named "Karma Charger Plays". In my Karma Chager Plays steam account, i will accept any friend request in that account. Unfortunately the friend list for my Karma Charger Plays has been full after 30 minutes i posted an announcement about it. But you can still join my Karma Charge Plays Steam group, in that group i will post announcement everytime i want to play games with people, so if you want to play games with me, be sure to join that Steam group and wait for announcement. As for second YouTube channel, i will record the game with people who joined my group. Then upload the video to Karma Charger Plays YouTube channel.

Here's the links for all 3:

Ok... Do you have any good servers to recommend?
Yeah, i have a few servers to recommend, and most of them are servers filled with custom weapons you can actually use, and others.

Check out the Steam group for the servers:

Can i ask you questions?
Sure, you can contact me privately: (karmajockey1000@gmail.com). Also, if you absolutely must add me as friend, then send me a email and tell me why.

Links to my stuff
Karma Charger's YouTube Channel
Karma Charger's Steam Group
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Karma Charger Plays Steam Profile
Karma Charger Plays Steam Group
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"Pocket" Med | cancer May 26 @ 1:53am 
+rep, that skit was too funny xd
G13 May 3 @ 9:58pm 
+rep, sold him 26 keys via paypal, he went first. very nice and friendly.
G13 May 3 @ 4:43am 
Hey! Message me if you're still interested in the keys!
DoctorTnT (CTF2W) Apr 27 @ 2:35pm 
Heyo :)
You should demonstrate Tiny Desk Engineer
CuteCat69 Aug 27, 2016 @ 5:07am 
Da best ~