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Welcome to my Steam profile! If you wanna add me, please post a comment below to explain why you wnat to add me. However if you just wanna add me because you watched my videos on YouTube. I can't accept you for that reason. I do appreciate your support though. But i have to keep my friend list as clean as possible. Only filled with people i'm familiar with. Thank you for your understanding ;)
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Hello and Welcome to My Profile!
I make videos for Team Fortress 2. Videos about custom weapons, ridiculous nonsense weapons, videos demonstrate how terrifying bots can be, and more!

Types of videos i make:
Workshop Items Demonstration - What i do when it comes to a Workshop Item Demonstration video are, i will pick a weapon made by Workshop contributors from Steam Workshop. Then thought up a appropriate stat, or taking suggestion from friends. After that i will seek the Workshop weapon files from the creators, then request coders to help me program the custom suggested stats. So the video can be made. There will always be some imbalances issues with the suggested stats, but things will get improved over time.

Joke Items Demonstration - Those joke item videos are definitely fan favorites. What i do when i comes to a Joke weapon video are, is i will first thought of a idea of how to make the weapon as ridiculously powerful as possible. Not only powerful weapons, but there also can be meme weapons. Such as using the Medic as a Minigun replacement for the Heavy, then name it "The MeeM-Gun". It will fire bolt healing projectiles instead of bullets. Ideas for Joke Item videos pops out randomly, or it happens when i looked at a website where people can submit their Team Fortress 2 mods. Websites such as Gamebanana.com . When i see a mod where it's made to be funny and not something to be taken serious. Then i will consider making a video about it.

31 Bots - Those videos are probably the longest video i make when it comes to length. Basically what i will do when it comes to a 31 Bots video are, i will teleport all the bots and make them stand in the exact same position, to make it there's no way to tell there are actually 31 bots standing there. Until they all start taunting one by one, not all at once. There are many things the bots can do, other than just taunting. It's better you go watch some of the 31 Bots videos i have made in the past.

TF2 Updates - When a brand new TF2 update gets released. I will take my time and make a video to showcase all the new released content on the update as fast as possible. So people can get a better view for those new released content. New content such as new weapons, new cosmetics, new maps, and more.

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I can't believe a famous tf2 youtuber lives in my neighbouring country! Cheers m8!
Slender Dec 17 @ 2:11am 
I wanna help making ideas for the weapons i would appreciate if you gonna accept my friend request :)
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I just want you to give me a basic tutorial on how to make custom weapons. I would appreciate it if you friended me. If you don't want to, I have nothing against it. You can unfriend me once you have taught me.
Medic Maining Endorsement Dec 17 @ 1:21am 
Please add me and read my earlier comment. Thank you !
[=TDW=] Liubei5102 Dec 17 @ 12:45am 
can you add me please i need help
[t.c.s]cavallier Dec 16 @ 10:00am 
If you got questions just ask and I'll try to answer as soon as possible